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When you think about hiring a moving company, what’s your first thought? Is it negative? For the last few years, Moving U & Junk U has been working to change that connotation from a negative to an overwhelming positive. We strive to find qualified movers who not only enjoy working with their hands, but in a team environment where the goal is to make a very stressful experiences stress free. Our movers are trained in more than just the ins and outs of moving something like a dresser down a flight of stairs into the truck; they find true enjoyment in being part of a work culture that prides itself in having 100% satisfied people moved into their new home by the end of the day.

Undeserved or not, historically movers have had a bad reputation, but we think that striving to find future leaders will turn that reputation on its head. During the hiring process at Moving U & Junk U, we look for individuals who genuinely enjoy helping people, are looking to be leaders within their organization and their communities, and believe in relying on solid teamwork to get the job done. We think of ourselves as an employee first company; when we put our employees first, it puts them right next to our customers, building rapport and trust. Our employees are given responsibility and treated with respect so you, in turn, are treated with respect. This allows them to focus on what really matters: not worrying about an overbearing boss, but giving their utmost attention to the customer, creating a moving environment that fosters communication, safety, and timeliness. Whether it’s a big move or junk removal, our priority is to give you an enjoyable experience on a day that is notorious for being for being long and exhausting. Having trained professionals in every aspect of our business allows us to move you through the entirety of the process as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

While most companies put an emphasis on just moving or junk removal day, at Moving U & Junk U, we put an emphasis on the entire moving process. By constantly following up with confirmations to ensure that you’re as prepared for your moving day as possible, we show you we value your whole experience with us. Any questions, you have, we’re here to answer.

Details throughout the moving process can change unexpectedly, like lease expirations or a change in settlement date. Moving U & Junk U takes pride in resolved issues from past jobs and our flexibility to accommodate schedules and changes that we know are not always within your control. All the different constantly moving parts of the moving experience makes relocating tough, from realtors to painters to construction workers. Our goal is to be the piece of the puzzle that fits in no matter where you put us. We can’t stress it enough, but were not only here to help, but to enhance moving or junk removal your experience. Moving into your new house should be something you look back on as a fond memory of the stress free day you started the next chapter of your life. Moving U & Junk U is here to make that a reality.

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Moving U & Junk U is a full-service moving and junk removal company located in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Reading, PA, and Dayton, OH

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