Why Our Customers Love Our Full Service Junk Removal

Most people have a number of items they would like to get rid of. Some items may be too bulky for everyday people to lift up. Others may have so much they don’t even know where to start. For either, a junk removal service is exactly what they need! Junk removal companies like Moving U & Junk U offer full service junk removal that is convenient for all customers. This article will outline why our customers love our full service junk removal.


Here at Moving U & Junk U, we value your time. With that being said, we designed our booking process to be as fast and simple as possible. When our customers would like to book a junk removal appointment, all they have to do is give our office a call! Within 2-3 minutes, all information is taken and they receive an estimate right away. Assuming the customer likes the estimate, they can immediately book in their junk removal right then on the phone.

Items We Take

With our full service junk removal, we take virtually all items out there. The only items we cannot take is anything that is flammable or hazardous. Other than that we take it all!

What We do With Your Junk

We like to start by saying we do not resell any item taken for junk removal. Customers do ask that we donate items we take from them. It is an unfortunate truth that donating items is becoming harder and harder to do. Donation centers have become inundated with items, and they simply don’t have the resources to take much more. With that being said, our first priority is to try and recycle as much as possible. We bring any recyclable item to recycling stations like West Chester Metal Recycling. We don’t take any items to any landfills. Any items that cannot be recycled, we take to transfer stations like Eldredge Containers. Here they sort materials to take them to their final resting spot.

Immediate Availability

We understand that you are probably eager to get rid of all that junk, so we typically always have availability that same day or the following day. From the initial call to the crew finishing the removal of your junk it may be as fast as an hour or two! That way if you ever need to get items removed as fast as possible, we are able to accommodate those needs!

One All-Inclusive Pricing Model

We made the pricing for our full service junk removal as simple as possible. We have a volume based pricing model that is all inclusive! You simply pay for the space the items take up in our truck. Our call center representatives will give you a good idea of how much your junk removal is going to cost. Once the crew arrives, they will confirm the price and get right to work! We break our truck up into 8ths which is what our prices are based on. Each 8th of the truck is approximately the volume of one average couch. That could be 10 boxes, 4 end tables, or a refrigerator. No matter what they items are, the space they take up is what you pay for. Wondering how much junk you have? Click here to access our free junk removal volume estimator!


We know how frustrating it can be when companies have a lack of communication. From following up to an initial request to sending feedback surveys after the job is complete, we always want to keep you in the loop. Once booked, our operations team will give you a confirmation call to make sure everything is still good to go. Then on the day of your junk removal, our junk removal team will give you a call roughly 30 minutes before your arrival window to give you a more accurate arrival time. When the crew arrives at your location, they will do a walk through to see all the items you’re looking for us to remove. They will confirm the price estimate to make sure there are no surprises later on! After they finish loading everything into our truck, they will do another walk through to make sure no item was left behind. We want you to always know what’s going on!

Friendly Staff

We view junk removal as an experience not just a service. We train all our staff on the importance of professionalism and customer service. From our call center reps to our actual junk removal specialists, our focus is to provide an excellent experience for you. Anyone can find workers to lift heavy items, but we aim to give that little extra to make you feel confident to refer us to friends and family with their own junk removal needs!

This is why our customers love our full service junk removal. If you have unwanted items that you’d like to use our junk removal service for, click the link below or give us a call! We will be happy to give you an estimate and book you in! We’ll remove your junk in no time!

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