Short-term Storage

Storage Solutions


Oftentimes, when moving to a new home or office, it can be helpful to have temporary storage at the ready to keep track of your belongings. Is there a separation in your closing dates? Do you have a double closing? Are you wondering what you are going to do with your stuff for the next few months while you find your next apartment? Moving U & Junk U has you covered with moving and temporary storage in Greater Philadelphia. We offer affordable storage solutions at our warehouse right here in West Chester, PA! Whether it’s overnight or for 3 months, Moving U & Junk U has you covered. We can make sure your items are stored properly while you worry about the important things like going through settlement or finding your new apartment.

Storage Solutions


Unlike Self-Storage, we provide a solution that allows you to NOT have to commit to an entire month of storage. We simply have you pay for the nights you actually use! Instead of needing to figure out if the space will be sufficient for your items, let our professionals tell you what you need. We can determine how much space you will need and make sure to pack our unit as safely as possible. This is ideal for someone who just needs their items to be held somewhere for a short and relatively specific length of time. Our Philadelphia area moving and temporary storage services take the headaches out of moving!

In our Warehouse, only our movers are allowed to operate and move furniture and other goods in and out. This is not only for liability reasons, but for sorting purposes as well. That way we can always have your items in their proper place and keep them as safe as possible!

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