How to Get Rid of Furniture in Malvern, PA

Getting rid of unwanted furniture can be a pain. If you are looking to do this on your own, it will likely involve heavy lifting. In addition you will probably have inordinate amounts of communication and coordination. This is especially true if you live in Malvern, PA. In this article we will outline multiple options on how to get rid of furniture in Malvern, PA. To use as an example, in this article we will assume you are looking to get rid of a couch.

Option 1: Selling/Giving Away Furniture

The first and most popular option when thinking about how to get rid of furniture in Malvern, PA is to sell or give it away. Within this option, you will likely have two primary groups you will be able to achieve this with. The two are friends/family or online marketplaces. Using the couch example, you may know a friend or family member who is going to college. They may definitely need a couch! If so, it is definitely worth reaching out and asking if they want it. If they do, they will need to then pick up a truck and coordinate a date and time to come pick it up. This may be months down the line as they may not have their lease available yet. On top of this, they will need to also need to get a friend to help actually move the couch.

Family/friends may not be in need of the furniture. Another common way to get rid of furniture is to sell it on an online marketplace. Some online marketplaces are Facebook or Craigslist. Facebook or craigslist can be great ways to market and sell your furniture. If selling here, it is important to think about the buyers. They will have to do similar coordination with borrowing a truck and finding the manpower to physically move the item. Also, there are so many pieces of furniture on these online marketplaces. People often verbally commit to buying your couch but then find another that they want more. They may not inform you of this when they do. This leaves you wondering if they are even going to show up on the agreed upon day and time!

Neither of these situations should discourage you from trying to sell or give away your unwanted furniture. However, if you’re looking into how to get rid of furniture in Malvern, PA, it is important to know that this situations do exist! And they are more common than you think. When this happens, it can cause unwanted stress and annoyance. Just something to keep in mind!

Option 2: Get Rid of Furniture via Malvern Municipality Bulk Trash Pick Up

Another option in how to get rid of furniture in Malvern, PA is to utilize bulk pick up. Many municipalities have an option for bulk pick up of trash. This usually means a piece of furniture that does not fit in a trashcan. Some areas only offer this once a month. Others attach a fee for the pick up and disposal. According to the Borough of Malvern’s website, residents can put one piece of furniture every Friday with their normal trash pick up.

This is a great option to get rid of one item, such as the couch example used above! You will however need to physically remove the couch or other piece of furniture from your house to the curb. For whatever reason the trash collectors may not take the item the day you put it out. You will then have to move the furniture back into your house for the next bulk pick up trash day. As long as this is not a problem for you, utilizing Malvern’s bulk pick up is a great option.

Option 3: Hiring a Junk Removal Company

While the first two options are the cheapest options, they can also come with other headaches. The most efficient option is to hire a junk removal company like Moving U & Junk U to get rid of your furniture in Malvern, PA! How our junk removal service works is you call in to get your free estimate, you can then immediately get booked in, and possibly within hours a crew can be there to remove your unwanted furniture!

All you have to do is show our professional crews what items you want removed, and before you know it they’re gone! After we leave, you wont have to worry about that unwanted couch ever again.

If you are interested in getting rid of furniture in Malvern, PA and would like a free estimate, feel free to reach out! Give us a call at (484) 301-2442 or click the button below!

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