What Makes Us Tick

Junk Of Mover Group

What Makes Us Tick/ What Makes Us US When you think about hiring a moving company, what’s your first thought? Is it negative? For the last few years, Moving U & Junk U has been working to change that connotation from a negative to an overwhelming positive. We strive to find qualified movers who not […]

Graduate vs UnderGraduate Moving Service

Undergraduate vs. Graduate Service All moves have their own unique set of circumstances. There are many variations within the services that people need, which is why having the different options can be useful for certain moves. A lot of people have a do-it-themselves attitude but may not necessarily have the correct tools to facilitate their […]

15 Tips for a Less Stressful Move

Whether you’re hiring help from a moving company or paying your brother in pizza and soda, you’ll want to be prepared for the day of your move to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Here are 15 Tips for Your Less Stressful Move: No matter how you decide to move, whether doing it yourself, […]