Graduate vs UnderGraduate Moving Service

Undergraduate vs. Graduate Service

All moves have their own unique set of circumstances. There are many variations within the services that people need, which is why having the different options can be useful for certain moves. A lot of people have a do-it-themselves attitude but may not necessarily have the correct tools to facilitate their move. Maybe you just need help moving big pieces or you’re not really sure how to pack a truck, or you have some accessibility issues like tight hallways that require special care to get the your items safely in the right place. That’s where the “Undergraduate” and “Graduate” distinction evolved from here at Moving U & Junk U. We know some people don’t want to pay premium price when they only require select services. Here, we’re going to elaborate on the differences between our “Undergraduate” and “Graduate” moving services and on their customization, which will hopefully give you insight and assist you in your move, whether you’re working with us or choose a different approach to your move.

Graduate Services

Our Graduate Service is the perfect option for larger moves that need to get done in a short amount of time. It starts off pretty simple: We provide the moving truck, driving, laborers to load and unload, and the necessary supplies to wrap furniture and carefully secure it in the truck for transportation. This can also be a great option for a smaller move with bulkier pieces of furniture. While the “Graduate” Service as a whole is not customizable, Moving U & Junk U offers the unique the ability to pick and chose what you need to move, which is something not every other moving service does. Meaning you only need the bigger pieces moved and will transport the small items in your own car? We can do that. Just need 2 or 3 pieces moved? We can do that as well. This is not a do-it-yourself-friendly option. The only thing we need from you for our “Graduate” Service is for you or someone else to pack your loose belongings into boxes beforehand, while we take care of the rest.

Undergraduate Services

Our “Undergraduate” Service is the perfect option for the do-it-yourself crowd. It’s the more cost efficient of our two services and allows us to complete the loading or unloading you need while you provide some assistance to us. The “Undergraduate” Service involves you providing your own truck or vehicle and driving the said vehicle. We provide loading, unloading, and any other necessary supplies at an additional cost, i.e. furniture wrapping, along with professional packing of the truck or vehicle to maximize space which reduces trips, time, and overall cost in general. You can also provide furniture wrapping and supplies yourself if you’re looking to reduce your cost even more. This is the perfect option for shorter moves where you have the ability to take care of loading smaller items and just need help with particularly cumbersome furniture, which tends to be the most difficult part of a move. This option can significantly decrease the cost of out of state moves if you only need to worry about labor on both ends.

Like most things, having options is always good. It can be a fun experience if you have some of your friends and do most of the moving yourself, but always try not to over extend yourself. If you have bulkier pieces of furniture you’re concerned about moving, it’s always better to bring in professional help to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. That’s why Moving U & Junk U started with our “Undergraduate” Service in general, to provide professional help to you without having to deal with overly premium prices. Being time based, the only difference in price increase with both “Undergraduate” and “Graduate” Services (besides the truck fee) is based on the amount of items you need moved, which is good for local moving when you may have the flexibility to do some of it yourself or are doing your move in parts—i.e. you moving little things in your car pieces at a time if you’re not under time constraints. For both services, whether we bring the truck or not, you pick and choose what items you want us to move and that determines the time which determines the price.

Hopefully you choose Moving U & Junk U to help with your move, but whatever avenue you choose, make sure to weigh the options based on your specific needs, so you can pick the service that best fits your move.

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