A Day In the Life of a Moving U & Junk U Franchisee

a day in the life of a moving u & junk u franchisee

One of the great parts about being a Moving U & Junk U franchisee is the ability to custom fit the business to your ideal lifestyle. Some franchisees want to be very hands on in the day to day management of their operation. Others want to build their business to be ‘turn key’. They only have a meeting with their general manager once a month or quarter. Both of these options and everything in between are possible based on what you’re looking for! Below we’ll outline the three stages of a Moving U & Junk U franchisee. You’ll see what a day in the life of a Moving U & Junk U franchisee looks like for each!

The Start Up Franchisee: Hands On and Involved in Crew Management

A benefit for this type of franchisee is they will have a low overhead and limit expenses. They take on the role of direct crew management is the way to go. This eliminates the expense of having to hire a middle manager who would dispatch the crews, answer crew calls, and prep the schedule and customers for the following day. A day in the life of this franchisee would be as follows:

The day starts around 7:00am. You would come in and do all the necessary prep work for a smooth crew dispatch. This prep work includes organizing the work orders, checking truck supplies, and settling in for the crews’ arrivals.

Work orders are easily printed right from the schedule board which is provided through the custom MUJU software that’s included as a franchisee. After you print the work orders and organize them by crew, next comes checking the trucks. The crew from the day before will have organized the supplies (blankets, dollies, tape/wrap, etc), so you just want to make sure they are accounted for, the crew cab is nice and neat, and to check the fuel level so you can let the crew know whether they need to stop for fuel before starting the day. After that, your morning prep should be completed. Once the crews arrive, you will then give the crew captain their work orders and truck key. After that, off they go!

After the crews are dispatched and you get settled in, it should be roughly 8:30-9:00am. The next part of your day would be prep work for tomorrow. This will include customer confirmation calls and making the crew job assignments for the next day. Both are easy and quick work, but also important to make sure everything will go smoothly tomorrow.

The GM Franchisee: Backend and Business Development

All of the duties outlined in the ‘start up franchisee’ can be delegated to a dispatcher/crew manager. This member of your management team typically becomes the primary point of contact for the crews. We recommend this happen as soon as you feel comfortable. It really opens up your mornings and allows for the rest of the day to be uninterrupted from crew calls.

A ‘GM franchisee’s’ day picks up where the ‘start up franchisee’s’ day left off. When you dont have to worry about dispatching the crews, it allows you to have a more flexible starting time. A franchisee here would start their day typically between 9:00-10:00am. Upon starting your day, the first task to be completed is billing from the day before. Billing takes about an hour to do depending on how many jobs were completed the day before. Next on the menu is new booking reviews and sending moving documents for those jobs. Yep thats right! You weren’t even worrying about booking jobs and new ones have been coming in from the corporate call center! The call center will vet any new inquiry, gather all necessary information from the customer, and use their sales skills to get that jobs booked!

Once booked, the GM franchisee will then want to review all the bookings to make sure everything looks good and then send that customer their moving documents! Many states require a specific form to be signed by any moving customer to confirm the job. You will have access to an affordable electronic signature software that will have any required form saved as a template, ready to be sent! All you’ll have to do is input any specific information, input the customer’s email, and send it off to be signed by the customer. After this you’ll probably have some customer emails and calls to follow up on with questions that are more specific to their booking.

From there comes typical GM responsibilities. Of course these duties will change based on the day but the time between 12-3 is a great time for interviews, training, and reach outs to other local businesses to network and build relationships for referrals. You will be trained on all of these responsibilities when you first sign on, so don’t worry if you don’t know what to do yet! After these are done, you can allot the rest of the day to any other duties you need for the day or week. The nice thing is the end of your day can pretty much be whenever! Not so bad of a day, huh?

The Absentee Franchisee:

For many, this type of franchisee is most desired! At this point, you will have hired a General Manager to handle all the previous responsibilities. They’re keeping the day to day and week to week operation running smoothly. While they’re taking care of that, you’ll be open to further customize your day to more specifically focus on whatever aspect of the business you really love.

Maybe marketing is really where you thrive. Now you’ll have all the time in the world to create eye catching ads or shoot entertaining videos that can promote your business to the local market.

If sales is your forte, now’s the time to set those meetings with the Toll Brothers corporate officers! You’ll be able to negotiate a long term contract for all their moving and junk removal needs.

Really love finances? Delve into more low interest loan consolidation options. Or really pick apart the books to see where you can lean out and become even more profitable.
If anything, typically at this level you will have established business connections that you will want to nurture. A quick pop-in really goes a long way with these connections. It can make the difference in keeping you and your business top of mind whenever they have and moving or junk removal needs.

Or maybe everything looks good and now you’ve actually created a self sustaining business that has awarded you time freedom to do whatever else you want in life.

Of course each franchisee will have different desires. Each has the ability to choose which pathway best fits what their ideal life looks like. Whatever your personal goals are, we’ve developed the systems to ultimately be able to make your business self sustaining with little to no active effort from you. If this type of lifestyle seems interesting to you, feel free to reach out and get some more information on buying a Moving U & Junk U franchise. Start being your own boss and living the life you want!

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