The Top Five Reasons People Move

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Moving is never easy, especially when you try to do it yourself. Fortunately, a moving company can provide essential moving services to help get you to a new home as quickly and painlessly as possible. With a passionate moving company such as Moving U and Junk U, this can include additional junk removal services and storage services that can make the key difference between a terrible, stressful move and an easy, relaxed one. Professional services like these have given millions of Americans the confidence to follow their dreams and move to the home they want. Just what are the reasons driving the approximately 35.5 million Americans who move each year? Of course, the decision to move can be extremely complex, with people’s reason for doing so varying widely. Let’s dive into five of the most common.

  1. Affordability

    Finding housing with lower taxes, lower rent, and a generally lower cost of living in the area can be reason enough to pack up and move. Nearly everyone encounters financial hardship at one point or another. Even if you have a good, stable job, living below your means, whether for few months or several years, can help you build a nest egg that will provide invaluable security and peace of mind./li>
  2. Own Rather Than Rent Property

    It is essentially a given one rents in one’s youth — it takes significant time in the workforce to build up the savings and the credit to actually buy property. However, once they get to that point, many people take advantage of the opportunity to avoid those monthly rent payments right away, and acquire property that can actually appreciate in value. Furthermore, having the freedom to make any changes or renovations one’s heart desires is an incredibly liberating experience!
  3. Live Near Family

    No one wants to be far from the people they love. Families that live in close proximity to one another are able to get together far more frequently, at much lower expense. This is why many people choose to live in the same state, county, or even town as their relatives.
  4. Climate

    Whether for health reasons, lifestyle preferences, or just because they like the sun, many people move to a place that will have more of the weather they enjoy. Skiing fanatics will be more at home in Denver than L.A., and folks with a sensitivity to cold will enjoy Austin more than Minneapolis.
  5. Personality

    Sometimes, people visit a city and find that their personality meshes perfectly with the area’s culture and vibe. Having the ability to see theatre and dance that you love, or to watch your favorite sports team without driving hundreds of miles, can be a huge draw to an area.

If any of these reasons resonated with you, it may be time to give a quality moving company like Moving U and Junk U a call!

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