Own a Moving & Junk Removal Franchise Without Lifting Any Heavy Furniture

Some people have a misconception of what a moving & junk removal franchise owner entails. What if we told you that owning a Moving U & Junk U franchise doesn’t require you to do any lifting at all?That is actually the case! We are looking for business minded people who are looking to build a […]

Why Our Customers Love Our Full Service Junk Removal

Most people have a number of items they would like to get rid of. Some items may be too bulky for everyday people to lift up. Others may have so much they don’t even know where to start. For either, a junk removal service is exactly what they need! Junk removal companies like Moving U […]

How to Get Rid of Furniture in Malvern, PA

Getting rid of unwanted furniture can be a pain. If you are looking to do this on your own, it will likely involve heavy lifting. In addition you will probably have inordinate amounts of communication and coordination. This is especially true if you live in Malvern, PA. In this article we will outline multiple options […]

Get Rid of Your Junk Before Your Move

Everyone has unwanted items in their homes. These items tend to become highlighted when moving. Maybe it’s the old couch in the basement. Or the mattress in the spare bedroom. Sometimes it’s just random clutter throughout the house! Whatever the case, moving is the perfect time to purge the clutter. This article will help you […]

3 Tips for Moving in Summer 2021

Moving always presents unique challenges no matter when it happens. After this past year, we can all agree its best to be prepared for the unexpected. With that in mind, why not get ahead of things. This guide will make sure your move this summer goes as smoothly as possible! Here are 3 tips for […]

5 Steps to Declutter the garage

declutter the garage

Decluttering the garage doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. It can seem overwhelming at first. By following these 5 steps to declutter the garage it can be done in no time. Also with little to no stress! Make a Clear Goal When it comes to clutter in the garage, everyone’s situation is unique. Some […]

Buying a Moving U & Junk U Franchise Vs Starting on Your Own


The idea of starting a business and working for yourself is extremely exciting for anyone. There is a plethora of industries to get into that will help creat the life you want. Two ways to start your business are either completely on your own with a novel business idea or to buy into an established […]

How to Move Out of Your Parents’ Home

how to move out of your parents' home

So you’ve reached the point in your life where it’s time to figure out how to move out out of your parents’ home. This is a big step and a milestone worth celebrating. Moving out will be stressful and time consuming regardless of whether you lived with your parents after high school, during college, or […]

How to Get Rid of a Dining Set: 4 Easy Options

Your dining table has hosted many holiday meals, family get togethers, going away parties for friends, and special dinners with your family. But it’s now worn and time to be replaced, so you’re taking this opportunity to upgrade your whole dining set. But how do you get rid of a full, heavy dining set? The […]

Shed Removal | Junk Removal in PA & DE

Do you have an old, weather beaten, eyesore of a shed in your back yard taking up space? But just the thought of how time consuming it will be to get rid of it leaves you feeling overwhelmed? Moving U & Junk U can take care of the shed removal for you—demolition and all—with our […]