How Our Franchise Systems Make You Money

Starting a business on your own is an incredibly rewarding experience. However, over 70% of small business will fail. This is due to a multitude of reasons. The majority boil down to one overarching idea: experience. Without business experience, every day presents a new endeavor where problems and critical decisions need to be made in […]

Is a MUJU Franchise A good fit for you?

Wanting to own your own business is exciting! Being able to create your own schedule, income, and developing the business into a self sustaining entity can be one of the most fulfilling achievements in life. However for most people, this is also a potentially scary transition when first starting. Franchising is a great way to […]

How Our Call Center Works

All call centers are not created equally! When choosing a franchise it’s important to learn how their call center works. All call centers are unique with different goals and philosophies. This video gives you a little idea of how our call center at Moving U & Junk U works!

Our Ideal Franchisee Candidate

Franchises are not a ‘one size fits all’ type of business. Every franchise system that exists has developed certain processes and protocols that were designed for a specific type of person. In order for the franchise to properly function, it’s important to know if you and the franchise you’re interested in are a good match. […]

A Day In the Life of a Moving U & Junk U Franchisee

a day in the life of a moving u & junk u franchisee

One of the great parts about being a Moving U & Junk U franchisee is the ability to custom fit the business to your ideal lifestyle. Some franchisees want to be very hands on in the day to day management of their operation. Others want to build their business to be ‘turn key’. They only […]