How to Declutter a Bathroom: 5 Spaces to Focus On

how to declutter a bathroom

Nearly everyone has expired products taking up space in their bathroom. It’s so easy for something to get pushed to the back and forgotten about. Because of all the shelving and nooks and crannies, most bathrooms could use a good declutter once every season. Going through such a tiny space hiding so many items can […]

Packing Fragile Items: 7 Tips and Tricks

packing fragile items

Packing fragile items can cause stress throughout almost every part of your move. Once they’re packed, you’re hoping and praying you packed them properly and they make it to your new location in one piece. But this doesn’t need to add more stress to your move. There are a few things you can do to […]

How to Get Rid of Carpet: The Easiest Solution

how to get rid of carpet

When you live in one place for years, you reach a point where it’s time to replace the carpeting in some part of your home. It doesn’t look like much, but once you start tearing it up, rolls of carpet accumulate almost faster than you can pull it up. After completing all your hard work, […]

5 Clothing Packing Hacks for a Move

Clothing Packing Hacks

Everyone has to pack clothes when they move. How you pack clothing can be a challenge, as it takes up a lot of space and boxes. And the best method all depends on whether you’re moving locally or long distance or require storage. Wherever you’re moving and however much clothing you’re moving, here are 5 […]

Donation Pick Up & Delivery | Philadelphia, PA + Wilmington, DE

Donation Pick Up

Are you upgrading to newer furniture and need to donate the old? Moving U & Junk U will help give your unwanted items a second life with our donation pick up and delivery service. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and get it to a donation center for you so you can relax and […]

Our General Labor Service | Philadelphia, PA to Wilmington, DE

Are you looking for assistance loading furniture into a truck? Do you need a refrigerator moved from your kitchen to your basement? Maybe you just want the heavier furniture unloaded from the moving truck into your new home. Whatever kind of heavy lifting assistance you’re looking for, Moving U & Junk U can help. We […]

Our Top 10 Moving Dos and Don’ts

moving dos and don'ts

Moving is hectic and stressful; there’s no way around it. The only thing you can do is lower that stress to a manageable level by being prepared. What would be ideal is a master-list to prepare with the basic moving dos and don’ts before you get started. Lucky for you, we’ve gotten such a list […]

9 Tips for Rearranging a Room Like a Pro

Arranging and rearranging furniture is not an activity reserved only for move in day. You can rearrange your furniture any time you want for any reason, whether the function of the room has changed, you’re adding a new piece of furniture, or you just want to shake things up a bit. While this can be […]

How to Get Rid of a Sofa: 4 Easy Options

Your sofa has served you well over the years. Now it’s time to replace it with one that doesn’t have torn fabric, sunken in cushions, and scuffs on the wood. But how do you get rid of a sofa? It’s a large, bulky piece of furniture that can’t fit into a trash or recycling can. […]

What to Pack in Your Moving Essentials Box

If you’ve moved before, you’ve experienced the chaotic first night of living in your new home. The bedsheets are in one box, the towels in another. Your pajamas are nowhere to be found, and while you already ate the takeout you planned for dinner, your kids are now asking for a snack, but all you […]