How to Create a Moving Budget

how to create a moving budget

Whether you hire a moving company or move yourself, it’s going to cost something. Making a budget is the best way to know how much it’s going to cost you and what choices you can make without breaking the bank. Create your moving budget using our step-by-step guide; we’ll walk you through the 6 main […]

How to Get Organized Before a Move: 7 Expert Tips

how to get organized before a move

Moving comes with more tasks than you can possibly anticipate, and it isn’t easy to stay on top of all of them at once. As soon as you know you’re moving, your to-do list grows at an intense rate that you can’t seem to stop, and you end up feeling buried beneath it all. The […]

The Worst Moving Advice: AVOID These 5 “Tips”

the worst moving advice

There’s a lot of moving advice out there. From legitimate moving companies to organizational blogs, from close friends to that girl on Facebook you went to high school with–it seems like most people have something to say about moving into a new home. But some of that advice isn’t so great. You have to weed […]

Tools for an Easier Move: 10 Essentials

tools for an easier move

Whether you’re hiring movers or doing a DIY move (and if you need help making that decision, check out our post here), there are tools you should have on hand that make a move easier. From tools to disassemble furniture to a few extra supplies to resolve unforeseeable hiccups, this list will prepare you for […]

Moving Yourself Vs. Hiring Movers

Moving Yourself Vs. Hiring a Moving Company

When deciding how to move, it comes down to two options: moving yourself vs. hiring movers. They both have their pros and cons, but the best method for you all comes down to your needs. Do you need to move quickly? Are you physically unable to load and drive a moving truck? Are you trying […]

How to Start Packing: 8 Essential Tips

how to start packing

Packing is no easy task. And if it’s been a while since your last move, your memory might be a little fuzzy on how time consuming packing can be. Just the thought of starting to pack can be overwhelming, and it’s all too easy to put it off when you don’t know where to begin. […]

Dorm Organization Hacks: 8 Storage Tricks

dorm organization hacks

Unless you have incredible luck, your dorm room will be incredibly tiny. Your storage space is limited, and if you’re sharing with a roommate, it will feel even smaller with the belongings of two people crammed inside. Thankfully, dorms have been around for a while, so there are some creative innovations you can use to […]

9 Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company

questions to ask a moving company

Moving to a new home means a lot of planning and a lot of decision making. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make during the moving process–after deciding where to live–is choosing a moving company. You want the company to be the best fit for you, move your belongings safely to your new home, and […]

Moving with Pets | Keep Them Safe and Calm During Your Move

moving with pets

Moving is so stressful for humans, and we sometimes forget how anxiety inducing it can be for our pets. Think about the way they react to packed suitcases for a temporary vacation. They’re usually not happy about it and let you know it. Now imagine how they’ll feel when their whole world is packed up […]