How to Pack Shoes for a Move: 6 Tips

how to pack shoes for a move

Packing shoes for a move is no easy task. They’re bulky and oddly shaped so they don’t fit together like dishes or books. And if you don’t pack them correctly, you could end up unpacking scratched, scuffed, bent, or possibly even torn shoes. You’ve had your shoe collection for years, and you want it to […]

Moving an Elderly Parent: 6 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Moving an Elderly Parent

 Moving an elderly parent is a complicated and emotionally complex process. Your loved one is being asked to give up not only their home of the last few decades but also some of their autonomy and control if they’re moving in with you or to an assisted living facility. It’s an intimidating process to start […]

How to Choose a College Apartment

how to choose a college apartment

Off campus housing comes with a lot of benefits you can’t have living in a dorm room. However, you’re taking on the added challenge of trying to find a decent place to live before the semester starts. Most college towns either have apartment complexes intended for students or single apartments in town meant for student […]