Greater Philadelphia
Shed Removal Service

Greater Philadelphia
Shed Removal Service

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Do you have a shed that’s seen better years that you wish could disappear?

Or have you wondered if it’s going to cost a fortune to have it hauled away? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

We hear this from customers all the time! The good news is our shed removal service is specifically designed to help you accomplish your goal of getting rid of that old shed and claiming your yard back!

Our shed removal is a full service model where you as the customer, don’t have to worry about doing a thing! Simply call to let us know the size of the shed you want to get rid of, and we’ll take care of the rest! From a plastic storage

How It Works
Step 1

Schedule your appointment online or

call or text to get your Shed Removal estimate

Step 2

Our crew will do a walk through to evaluate all the items you want removed. Then present your all-inclusive estimate

Step 3

The crew will then load all of your items into the truck.

Step 4

Your items will be sorted into 3 categories; donations, recyclables, and transfer. After sorting, they will be taken to the proper facility!

How It Works
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Shed Removal

If you’re looking for comprehensive furniture services in The Greater Philadelphia Area then you’ve come to the right place. At Moving U & Junk U, we’ve set the standard for professional, trustworthy, affordable junk hauling services in the area.

It all starts with our commitment to providing the best service to every customer, every time. Providing the highest-quality furniture removal services in The Greater Philadelphia Area is what we do best.

How We Dispose of your items

We understand that not every item we take should end up in a landfill which is why we never go to landfills! When we haul away items, we sort items into 3 main categories; donations, recyclables, and transfer.


Pieces we haul away that are mostly constructed of metal are able to be taken right to the metal recycling facilities


From a box of clothes to a full bed set. We try to donate as much as possible


Any other item that cant be donated or recycled will be taken to a transfer station. At the transfer station, items are sorted based on their material and taken to their final home!

Shed Removal

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