How We Differentiate Our Junk Removal Service (Podcast Video & Transcript)

Junkin' It Up w/ Junk U Podcast- Episode 16: How We Differentiate Our Junk Removal Service

In this episode we explain how we differentiate our junk removal service here at Junk U.

In the junk removal industry, on the service it may seem like every company is pretty much the same. While there is only so much that can be unique about the actual loading of the items, we separate ourselves from other junk removal companies in our professionalism both on site at the customer’s home and in our communication pre and post job completion.

Junkin’ It Up w/ Junk U Podcast- Episode 16: How We Differentiate Our Junk Removal Service


Alright , everybody, welcome back to the Junking It Up with Junk U Podcast.

I’m Dylan and this is my partner Steve and today we’re going to talk about how we differentiate our junk removal service and our approach and attitude towards differentiating as opposed to other junk removal services.

So we’ll just get right into it.

I mean, the first thing we focus on are core values which are professionalism.

Grit is a big one, which stands for Get Ready It’s Time.

And you know, the biggest one for us is a that professionalism.

It’s focusing on how we separate ourselves, you know, just as a culture and collective group by being more professional than other services in general.

It’s not about comparing from one to the other, but about how we go above and beyond to really be professional.

Yeah, and it’s not just about the professionalism of the actual junk haulers who are going to be going out into the field.

The way we look at professionalism obviously extends there, but even how we handle our relationships.

So for some in the junk removal space, you have a couple big names, and then you have a lot of local names.

So with the local names, you might sacrifice a little bit on the professionalism just because they don’t have the infrastructure in place or especially if they’re the ones doing the jobs like you might not have the same responsiveness when you call in because if they’re out doing a job, it’s hard to

answer the phone.

And on the other end of the spectrum, if you hire one of the big names, yes, if you call in, you’re going to be able to book your job and you’ll talk to a human being but talking to the actual franchisee owner or local branch manager might be a lot more difficult because there’s a corporate

structure in place that forces you into a certain communication path that you know, you only get access to what they allow you to have access to.

So the way we look at professionalism is we have a hybrid of both of those.

So we say we have corporate accountability with a local feel and basically what that materializes into is yes, we have professional staff that are going to be going out to the field, but also we want to make a big precedent that the people that hire us, whether it’s, you know, a B2B relationship or

a traditional customer, they know who to call and who to talk to.

If there is any issue or if they have any question or if you know they just need a question answered in general, if they call in, they know they’re going to talk to us or they have access to get in touch with us if they need to and I think that that’s a big differentiator from other companies, both

small and large.

Yeah, well, and I think, you know, that’s a, that’s a big deal too is trying to make sure, like you said that corporate accountability with the local feel and the corporate accountability a lot of that is because we are, you know, we are the original founders but we’re also franchise we built it to

be standardized, which is a professional approach, you know, it means it’s repeatable so people know what they’re getting so if you use one time or two times or three times you’re not just going to get a, you know, a totally different price or totally different service or totally different, you

know, way that we’ll be there at this time, you know, we have set to our live windows that are always exactly the same.

And I think that’s a that’s a big deal for people so they know what they’re getting and like you said, especially for whether it’s a client that just has a lot of stuff at their house and they use this over time or they refer to their friends, or it’s a client that is a, say, realtor or some sort of

a client that’s where they’re sending people in their professional network constantly, and they’re their own clients to use our services they know exactly what they’re going to get so it’s easy to explain to to somebody, you know what I mean as opposed to oh here’s a guy that that hall stuff they

can easily find out and have the information on what we do what we don’t do, you know how we’re going to do it, you know how we’re going to price and what we will and won’t adjust depending on some circumstances and you know that’s, that’s a, that’s a different way than you know especially like you

said some of those other local companies might not might not do that they just kind of they come out and you know it’s a little bit different every single time ours is is more system a tie so you know exactly what you’re going to get so if you like our process on one job, you know if you use us

for 100 over the next year, you know you’re going to get the same the next 99. Yep exactly and you know something that I always like to talk about when people ask us about differentiation is like how is your service different and superficially the service is pretty much the same no matter who you

hire because at the end of the day you have guys coming in, they’re going to take stuff that you don’t want and they’re going to haul it off there’s only so much that you can do to differentiate yourself in terms of a direct service and that’s why when we were focusing on how we’re going to

differentiate ourselves in and position ourselves to be more selective or the you know to be chosen over other people in the space is to focus on that higher level business that others don’t necessarily focus on either because they choose not to or they can’t.

Yeah, yeah like you said I mean you know we’re all we’re all making sausage right but it’s just about how we do it so and it’s not just about how we do it it’s about how you feel and how you know confident and and an easy and smooth and frictionless and what the process is for you to go through you

know that it’s it’s you know people often don’t understand ambiance at restaurants it’s the same thing for you know for a service business like ours like you said I mean we’re still us and other services are both capable of lifting the items and getting them into the truck professionally I hope you

know you know other businesses I hope they’re doing the same but it’s everything else that goes into it it’s not just okay, you know you come out and are you cheaper you know what I mean that is the one facet of it but that’s not the holistic approach to you know how are we going to communicate you

with you how are we going to invoice how are we going to you know how are we going to get there and communicate with the customer what sort of you know receipt are going to get every single time you know what is the pricing based on it does that change kind of depending on how you feel or is it you

know is it different so like you said it’s not it’s about kind of thinking about the entirety of the experience as opposed to just like well the actual so what do you do different I think we’re going to say another service like well you know we don’t necessarily do something incredibly different

when it comes to putting a dresser on to our truck you know like they do but we have a couple different facets that you know make the whole experience different than than certainly other companies.

Yeah absolutely.

Yeah and I think that’s a big one too.

But is understanding that a lot of times at least not our experience for our clients that the differences might not be monumental but it’s little things that add up over time.

You know I mean like are you getting those pre arrival texts.

It’s a big one for us you know making sure we communicate for people so they don’t feel like it’s a Comcast visit you know we have a two arrival window.

We work very hard to hit it but we also work hard to keep the customer over communicated so they know hey if we’re not going to be there right at the beginning we’ll let you know we’re on our way and hey we’re on our way.

And then we get there you know what I mean so they feel like that constant communication from a professional how we think it should be as opposed to you know not to take a shot at you know not Comcast in particular but cable companies have that sort of reputation that it’s your just another name on

their docket sheet so show up when they decide to show up and then you know it doesn’t make you feel very good as opposed to working with us you have that understanding that okay you know there’s a professional who actually wants to make sure that my time is valued you know they’re not just here to

pick up my stuff they’re there to make sure that I have a good experience that day you know along with picking up the stuff so.

Yeah I think that’s an important point to touch on especially if you’re going to be a customer who is going to use a junk removal service consistently or you know somewhat consistently or a B to B type connection where you need to have a good referral for a junk removal company because yes there are

companies out there that can do it cheaper than we can no doubt there are companies that might have you know next second availability at midnight.


All things that that can be achieved by going with another company but if you’re going to be using on a consistent basis in my opinion I think that it’s more important to know like you said exactly what you’re going to get.

And that’s the type of thing that having direct access to the local owner being us you know we and you can count on us to deliver when you call on us to do so so like you said there’s little things that add up over time if you’re a realtor that refers us out 10 15 times a year and you know that in

these situations settlement is really close to the time that you need this done and you need to be able to count on us to be there when we say we’re going to be there so that it makes your process smoother that’s something that you want to factor into who you’re going to be referring out because yes

there’s certain things that you can look for but that consistency is what we try to focus on to make sure that they get the same thing every single time.

Yeah, definitely and I think, you know, it’s also an attitude that permeates from the top which happens to be us and I forgot to mention this core value which was a solutions based mindset.

It’s a little different than having a positive attitude although they they’re kind of, you know, the similar thing.

It’s, it’s very easy for any service industry or just you know any any person that goes out and does things to say hey we can’t do this for you sorry, you know, but having a solutions based mindset of saying hey we can’t do this but I can do this, you know what I mean that sounds like a simple fact

but I mean in my personal experience on a consumer basis, and then also my professional experience is very often people don’t do that they just say yeah you know we can’t fix this sorry, you know as opposed to saying hey here’s here’s some other solutions, you know, and maybe it’s not even us always

solve, you know it’s it’s or us not wholly involved it’s not just hey here’s what we can do and when it’s saying alright well here’s here’s some solutions for you, you know what I mean that kind of permeates throughout the, the organization, you know what I mean and you see that quite often because

you know when it comes to junk removal a lot of it’s the same or I should say similar, a lot of it’s similar but nothing’s the same would probably be the way I would say you know what I mean like you said if you’re referring us, you know that you’re going to get that professional service, but you’re

also getting, you know some sort of connection with us we’re going to say okay well you know if we can’t do exactly what you want here’s what we can do or here’s a way we think that you can solve your problem as best as possible, you know what I mean we can’t we’re not magic but we can do our best

to use, you know the experience we have in the resources we have.

Yeah and something that you mentioned there and I just want to expand on it a little bit is the even if we even if it can’t be us and just as to use that as an example, the number of times that we either get cold calls in, hey can you get rid of you know this old car that I have or hey I have a

boat, hey I have insert X I have you know the huge boulders I have gravel things that we don’t do we don’t just say yes sorry that’s not you know in our services and then hang up the phone we try to at least point them in a direction to where if we don’t have a direct referral we at least say hey

here’s our best guess at how the best way to do this would be.

Yeah right like someone calls in and says hey I you know I have a car I’m looking to get rid of like do you guys do that and we say no but what you should do is call an auto salvage company and they’ll be able to better you know take care of this problem for you and they might even be able to pay

you for the vehicle.

Something as simple as that is that solutions based mindset manifested in a reality where we have no benefit by doing that at all but it’s just something that we feel as though as the professional right if you know if you don’t know how to do something instead of just chucking up as a loss and

saying sorry go figure it out we try to at least point people in the right direction.

Yeah and I think that attitude permits throughout you know our crew members as well I hear that plenty of times where you know the actual guys on the truck will say you know I’m not really sure but you know you can call and ask they might be able to help you out with something.

You know what I mean or or they call and say hey you know this here’s something that they need done I know we don’t do that but you know can they go and take this to you know XYZ recycling place and can at least give them an idea you know unlike anything.

We don’t have all the answers and in business you don’t have to have all the answers but you have to know you know at least where to get the answers.

So when I think that that that kind of adds you know that that mindset also adds on to the professionalism of someone going oh okay it’s worth it to call this this group this company this organization you know and these guys out again that even if I’m not 100% sure they can help me with this.

You know they’re going to do do the best that they can.

You know a lot of times that’s not the case with some of the bigger corporate places you know they don’t they don’t really care they say we can’t help you sorry you know I mean they move on on to the next one that’s fine you know there’s that’s kind of where to go.

You know there’s that’s kind of where you said that that local feel you know what I mean if someone saying I actually do want to help out because I do actually give a crap and some you know that corporate accountability of making sure that we do it the same every time you know and that’s where we

think kind of those those important points really mesh kind of in that phrase you know and that’s a that’s a differentiator for us you know I mean and we see that all the time and you know it’s it’s quite often that people not just say we do that they’re excited to refer us to to other people and

you know whether professionally or even you know just just for their family and friends which is you know that’s the best compliment we can get is that means that we’re doing you know at least something right.

Yep absolutely.


Yes I think that’s a pretty good overview of you know what differentiates us here at Junk U in our service and yeah so until next time.
Have a good one!

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