Declutter The Basement Junk this Fall

Summer is winding down and people are getting back into their normal routines. As more time is spent at home, project that have been pushed off become a priority. One job many home owners want to do is declutter the basement junk this fall. This article will show you the most efficient way to declutter the basement before fall is over and we get into the cold winter months. There are two ways you can declutter the junk in your basement; on your own or hire a junk removal company to do it for you!

Decluttering the Basement Junk on your Own

The first step to declutter the junk in the basement on your own is to organize it into categories. The main three categories are donations, recycling and junk. After organizing the items into these categories, you can start to declutter the basement of junk this Fall!

Many household items you can donate to local organizations. These include GoodWill, GreenDrop, and Salvation Army. You can also donate furniture, but donation centers have become very selective about what items they will take. Because of this it is a good idea to call before taking any furniture donations to these facilities.

For items donation centers will not take but are made of metal or electronics, recycling is a great option. Local recycling centers may actually pay you for these goods!

After donations and recycling, the remaining basement items that you want to declutter will be junk. You can dispose junk a couple different ways. For a small amount of junk, the items can be put in bags and the regular trash service will take them. For a large amount of junk, the regular trash service may not be able to accommodate hauling it all away at once. In these cases, the junk you want to declutter you can take to a local transfer station. One example of a transfer station is Edridge Containers in West Chester, PA. Transfer stations will have a fee, but will ensure you can declutter the basement junk this Fall in one shot.

Use a Junk Removal Company to Declutter the Junk in your Basement

The other option to declutter the junk in your basement is to hire a professional junk removal company like Moving U & Junk U! When using these types of companies, you don’t have to worry about any organizing or heavy lifting! They will come in and haul any unwanted items away for you. Each company’s service may be a little different, but many like Moving U & Junk U will take all the items and then do all of the sorting. This makes for a much easier and less time consuming job for you! Trying to declutter the junk in your basement may take you and your family weeks to complete. A junk removal company can come in and clear all the junk out for you. Sometimes in a matter of minutes!

If you want to hire a professional junk removal company to do the work of decluttering the basement junk this fall, feel free to call Moving U & Junk U at (484) 301-2442 or click the button below! You will get a free estimate and can schedule your junk removal job that same day!

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