How to Remove a Hot Tub

hot tub removal

Hot tubs provide years of enjoyment for all families that own them. However, with the combination of being out in elements all year round and the multiple mechanical components, hot tubs do have a relatively short lifespan. According to when one component of a hot tub does go, it usually costs more to fix it than it’s even worth. Unless you just appreciate the hot tub for its aesthetics, you will likely want it removed. This article will show you how to remove a hot tub from a professional hot tub remover!

Since hot tubs are extremely heavy, typically they cannot be safely hauled away in one piece. They will need to be cut up into more manageable sections. With that being said, before you grab your saw and start chopping away, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re getting into! If you start aimlessly cutting, you will wind up with a huge mess and probably a huge headache. Below we will outline the main steps you should take when removing your hot tub.

Tools Needed:
-sawzall (with multi-material blade)
-wide mouth wire cutters/small bolt cutters
-sledge hammer

Step 1: Remove side panels from hot tub

The first step in removing a hot tub is to remove the side panels. Side panels may vary in the material or exact attachment. For the most part, they will be a single sheet of wood slats that are screwed into the frame of the hot tub. With a drill, remove all side panels and corner panels. If you do not have a drill, you can use a crowbar to pry the panels off. This will be notably more work and cause a bigger mess from the splintering wood.

Step 2: Cut the hot tub Supports & Remove the Pumps

As you can see from the previous picture, the hot tub has vertical supports. This specific hot tub has wood supports which is most common. Alternatively, you may find your hot tub has metal supports but the process will stay the same for both. With a sawzall, make cuts through the middle of each support all the way around the hot tub. After each support is cut, take the sledge hammer and knock out each support to ensure they are not bearing any weight.

Note: don’t worry, this will not cause the hot tub to collapse. Between the piping and the insulative foam, hot tubs have a stable structure even without the support beams.

After this is complete, make your way over to the side of the hot tub where the pumps are located. Typically this is the front of the hot tub where the electronic control panel is located. Once the pumps are located, make cuts through any pipes that go either in or out of the pumps. There may be multiple pumps per hot tub. After those cuts are made, use the sledgehammer or crowbar to knock the pumps off their mounts. Then remove the pumps completely. Hot tub pumps can be recycled as a side note!

Step 3: Cutting & Removing the hot tub Sections

Now that the vertical supports and pumps have been removed, it’s time to cut the hot tub into sections. There is no set place to start. The size of the hot tub will determine how many sections you should cut it into. If two or more people are available, the hot tub can usually be cut into 4-6 manageable pieces. If only one person is removing the hot tub there will more than likely be more than just 4-6. As a general rule of thumb, no section should be larger than two feet wide in order for it to be manageable for one person to carry.

Cuts should be made straight down. They should start from the top of the sidewall and go all the way through the floor. Once a section is cut on both sides, push and pull it back and forth until it starts to break free. As the piece starts to break free, you will more than likely have to make more cuts through the insulative foam to cut through piping you cannot see. If the piece is not breaking away somewhat easily, there is almost definitely another pipe or tube that is still connected. Try to cut the foam along the same cut that was made through the shell. Once all piping is cut, the piece can be removed and placed in the truck/dumpster. Repeat this process until the hot tub is completely cut up and removed.

Step 4: Removal of Hot Tub Basin

The hot tub basin is the plastic mat that lines the bottom of the hot tub. Typically the mat should at least be cut in half, but cutting it into thirds makes it even more manageable. Before cutting the basin, be sure to remove all loose debris from it and put into trash bags. This will make the clean up portion of the removal much easier.

Step 5: Clean Up the hot tub debris

The last step in the hot tub removal process is the clean up. Push brooms work best in gathering up loose debris on any hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, or decking. If loose debris has fallen into grass, rakes tend to be your best bet. After all debris is removed, you can washdown the surface with a hose or power washer to finish the job!

After a hot tub has run its course it will likely have to be removed. Because it needs to be cut up, it can turn into a huge mess with a ton of loose debris. However by following this 5 step guide, the hot tub removal process can be simple, easy and stress free!

After reading this article if you would prefer to have a professional hot tub removal service, feel free to call our office at (484) 301-2442 or click the button below to get a free estimate and schedule in your hot tub removal!

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