Items We Take for Our Junk Removal Service

items we take for our junk removal

One of the most common questions we get from customers here at Moving U & Junk U is in regards to what items we take for our junk removal service. Whether it’s an old fridge, bedroom set, junk in the garage, we pretty much take it all! With that being said we do have a select few items that we don’t take, and a couple others that we have small additional charges for.

There are definite reasons why items fall into each respective category. This article should help inform you of what items we do take for our junk removal service, what items we can’t take, and then what items do come with that small additional fee!

Items We Take for Our Junk Removal Service

We take all furniture no matter what shape, size, or condition! Furniture removal is one of our most common types of removals. Many customers who are getting a new bedroom set will call us to haul the old furniture away. Others want to convert the basement ‘man cave’ to a gym. They will hire us to remove the old raggedy couches, water marked end tables and tv stand that’s on its last leg (almost literally!).

We try to donate furniture that is relatively new and in good condition. Over the past few years donation centers have become somewhat inundated with goods received. Because of this they have typically become more selective about what they’ll take. Keeping this in mind we have a good eye to know what we can donate and what we can’t!

Aside from huge industrial type appliances like walk in freezers or colossal pizza ovens, appliances are another normal item we take for our junk removal service. We take refrigerators, stoves/ovens, dishwashers, air conditioning units, washer/dryers, and many others! We do need all appliances to be disconnected from any gas or water line to ensure a smooth junk removal. This is for both the safety of the crew as well as your home! Once disconnected, our crew will handle the rest. We then try to recycle all these appliances so they don’t wind up going right to the landfill.

Some companies will charge an additional fee for items that have freon or other coolant (such as ac units and fridges). Here at Moving U & Junk U we have established relationships with local recycling companies such as Ridge Metals Company who take care of that for us! Therefore there’s no need to charge an additional fee to our customers.

As the years move forward, technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Electronics that were state of the art a few years ago are now almost obsolete. In this category old or broken TVs tend to be the number one item we take for our junk removal service. With that being said, we also take pretty much all other electronics as well. Computers, monitors, old video games, and stereo equipment are also on our list of items we take.

General Household Items
Books, kitchen items, lamps, toys, clothes, tools, totes, sporting equipment, gardening supplies… The list could go on and on! These kinds of items are the main culprits for the dreaded ‘clutter’. This kind of junk is what makes a basement that used to be tidy and put together a painful eyesore. These are also all items that we take for our junk removal service! Our crew will come in and clear out the mess so you can get your usable space back!

As long as the items are not hazardous or flammable, we will gladly remove them. Those types of items we will outline in the later section titled, “Items We Cannot Take for Our Junk Removal Service”.

Items We Take With an Additional Charge

Playgrounds, Swing Sets, Hot Tubs, and Sheds
Our junk removal service pricing is volume based. This means you only pay for the space the items take up in the truck! However, all of the items in this category require some level of demolition work in order to haul them away. Since our junk removal service is based on volume and not time, we do have some additional fees to compensate for a manager-level employee to come out and demo these items beforehand. This allows for the crew to arrive and smoothly haul the items away!

Wet Paint Cans
Wet paint is one item that you cannot just throw away. It does require additional resources to properly dispose of. Because of this there is a small additional charge for each paint can to help offset the additional cost to properly dispose of these paint cans.

However if the paint has been dried and is now solid there is no extra fee! Once dry, paint can be thrown out in the regular trash. This can be done a few different ways, but two of the most common are specific paint hardening solutions such as the Homax Waste Away Paint Hardener or simple kitty litter!

Tires are another item that cannot be disposed of as simply as taking them to a transfer station. Because of this they also come accompanied with a small additional fee to offset the additional costs.

Items We Cannot Take

Hazardous or Flammable Material
For the safety of our employees, we do not take any hazardous or flammable material. Some hazardous material examples are bio-waste, animal poison, solvents, and acid. Some flammable material examples are gasoline, oil, and bottle gas such as propane tanks.

Tree/Yard Waste
If yard waste such as leaves and branches are already in bags and ready to go we can definitely remove them. However, some yard waste is out of our scope of work and a landscaping company would handle better. This includes loose leaf pick up, tree stump removal, or removal of dead bushes or branches.

Aside from the items that we cannot take, if you have any of the other listed items you are looking to get rid of, click the link below to get your free estimate or book your junk removal today!

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