Junk Removal: The Moving U & junk U Process

What Happens to my Items?

We have come across virtually every situation when it comes to junk removal. Some customers have items they’ve gotten their money’s worth out of and simply need these items hauled away and disposed of. Other customers have items in great condition that they would hate to have just thrown away! As well as a number of customers who’s unwanted belongings can be recycled! Moving U & Junk U has a 3 step sorting process to make sure any item that is hauled away is taken to its proper location. We try our best to keep as much out of landfills as we can as well as repurposing items to give them a new home! 

After our crews arrive at your home and load your unwanted items, they go through the following sorting process:

  1. Donate-ables: any item that is in good enough condition will be donated to a Good Will or other local nonprofit such as Community Warehouse Project.
  2. Recyclables: any items that is not in good enough shape to be donated but is recyclable is taken to a local recycling station.
  3. Disposal: the last option for all items we haul away that cannot be donated or recycled is a proper disposal at a local transfer station. 
junk removal before and after
What we haul

A question we get asked a lot is ‘does your company take _____?’. You put in any item you can think of and it’s almost guaranteed that we’ve been asked! The quick and simple answer to that is ‘Yes!’. With our junk removal service, we haul away virtually anything you do not want. The only exceptions to this is anything that would be deemed flammable or hazardous such as gasoline or biowaste. Here’s a list of some common pieces we take:


Interested in seeing how much your junk removal will cost?

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Our Junk Removal Process

  1. Estimate: the first step in our junk removal process is getting you an estimate. You can use our free online junk removal estimator, or call us and one of our sales reps will take a list of your items and give you an accurate estimate of what your removal will cost!
  2. Scheduling: after you get your junk removal estimate, the next step is to call in and reserve a spot on our schedule. You will be given a short arrival window for our crew to arrive. Most of the time we can accommodate same day or next day service!
  3. Item Hauling: on the day of your junk removal, your crew will give you a call roughly 30 minutes before they get there so you have an accurate time. Once they arrive, you will show them all the items you want to be removed, and then you can sit back and we’ll take it from there! Our crews will efficiently load your items into the truck, collect payment and be on their way.


If this sounds like the service you are looking for, feel free to call us or click the link below to get your job scheduled today!