How to Unpack After a Move: 6 KEY Tips

how to unpack after a move

Packing and moving are both stressful and overwhelming. After you’ve finished, all you’ll want to do is order a pizza and collapse on your sofa. You can do that for about an hour or two, but after that, you have to start unpacking. You’ll be exhausted and burnt out, but you can’t put off unpacking for too long (unless you want to live in a maze of boxes for weeks or months on end). To beat moving exhaustion and unpacking procrastination, utilize these 6 tips for how to unpack after a move.

How to Unpack After a Move

1. Start with Packing

Your unpacking plan starts with packing up for the move. Everything you do to pack will either assist or hinder you as you unpack. Label boxes with what room they belong in and what they contain. If you have the time, number the boxes and create a separate inventory list to reference while unpacking. You’ll know where everything is, and you won’t waste time looking for silverware in boxes of canned goods. 

As you pack up, don’t forget to pack a moving essentials box or bag. This will contain everything you need for a comfortable first few nights in your new home. Think things like bed sheets and blankets, your toothbrush and toothpaste, pajamas, and few changes of clothing. If you need inspiration for what to pack in your moving essentials box or bag, check out our step-by-step guide.

2. Create an Unpacking Schedule

Create an unpacking schedule that works for you and your life. Are you moving to your new home on a Friday? Take the weekend to unpack a few rooms. Are you moving on the weekend? Plan to take a few days off to get your home somewhat organized before heading back into the office. 

Decide in what order you’ll unpack each room based on your specific needs. If you work from home, prioritize the office over the kitchen and plan to order in for a few meals. Having kids means needing to unpack their rooms as soon as possible so they can more quickly adjust to your new home. Stay organized by scheduling days or hours you’ll devote to each room and avoid haphazardly unpacking boxes here and there, feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing.

3. Unpack the Essentials First

This is where your inventory list will come in handy as you unpack after your move. If you don’t need to unpack an entire room but need a few specific items, reference your inventory list. Locate the boxes containing what you need, and unpack those first. You’ll be able to locate the pans to bake frozen pizzas without needing to find a spot to put the casserole dishes. 

4. Listen to Audio Entertainment

As you unpack, you’ll probably want to listen to something to make the time seem more enjoyable. Avoid using the TV. Even if you try to commit to only listening, you’ll get distracted at some point and stop to watch or you’ll miss something and spend time rewinding so you can stop and watch. Listen to music, a podcast or an audiobook. No visuals are necessary for these entertainment genres so you can more easily devote your attention to the unpacking task at hand.

5. Ask for Help

Remember how you asked for help when you followed our fast and easy packing advice? Ask for help unpacking too. Give a friend the easier tasks you don’t need to handle yourself, like unpacking the linen closet or mugs. And even if your friend does nothing but sit on your sofa and talk to you while you unpack your living room, they’ll help the time pass as you catch up on each others lives. You can also ask for help watching the kids so you can focus on unpacking instead of making snacks or providing entertainment. 

6. Let Go of Perfection

The goal of unpacking is simply that: unpacking. Trying to organize everything as you go will only slow you down. After being in your home for a few days or weeks, you’ll figure out where things need to go simply by living your life. You’ll learn which kitchen drawer is best for the Tupperware containers as well as which shelf in the linen closet is best for bathroom hand towels. Let go of perfection as you pack. Get everything out of boxes, and organize it slowly later on.

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