How to Get Rid of a TV: 4 Options for Removal

how to get rid of a tv

North America makes up about 83% of the 50″+ TV market. And with 25 million televisions becoming obsolete every year, there’s an overwhelming amount of TVs being replaced annually in the United States. Once you upgrade your television, you no longer need your old one; so how do you get rid a bulky and heavy TV? It can’t just go out with the regular trash. Even if it could fit in your trash can, older TV components contain harmful chemicals that can leak and cause damage to the environment and need to be properly recycled. Thankfully there are solutions that won’t break your back; here’s 4 ways to get rid of a TV.

How to Get Rid of a TV: 4 Options for Removal

1. Manufacturer Pick Up/Removal

When you purchase your new TV, find out if the store or manufacturer has a pick up or take back program for your old television. For a nominal fee, they’ll pick up and remove your old TV when they deliver your new one. Best Buy offers this service, though you’re limited to purchasing your new TV from them for removal of the older model.

2. Sell It

If you’re replacing your old TV through a means that doesn’t offer a manufacturer removal service, you can try selling your unwanted television online. If the TV still works, you can probably find someone who would buy it for $20-50. You can specify the customer needs to pick up the TV. Or if you have a capable vehicle, you can offer a delivery service and charge a bit extra for that.

3. Donate It/Give It Away

So you don’t care about making any money from your old tv; you just want it to go to someone who can use it. Call local charities to find out if they’re accepting television donations. You can also ask friends and family members if they know of anyone who would want it. Even local churches might know someone who can use the tv. 

4. Hire a Junk Removal Company

After reading through all these options, if you come to the conclusion you just want someone to quickly get rid of the tv, then this is the option for you. Hire a local junk removal company like Moving U & Junk U. Simply schedule an appointment, and we’ll stop by and quickly get your old TV out of the way to make room for your new one. We’ll make sure we schedule your removal for the same day as your new TV drop off so you don’t have to go a day without one.

We accept all TV types:

  • CRT
  • Plasma
  • Flat Screen
  • LED
  • LCD
  • Rear Projection
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3 Steps For Quick And Easy TV Removal

  1. Get Your Price
    Our all inclusive pricing is volume based. We’ll give you an estimate for your TV removal ahead of time so you know what to expect on the day of your pick up.
  2. Schedule Your Junk Removal
    We know you probably want the TV removed as soon as possible, so we’ll always try to accommodate with same or next day service. But even if you’re planning removal for a month from now, give us a call, text, or email. We’ll schedule your junk removal so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Say Goodbye To Your Old TV
    Our friendly junk removal crew will give you a call half an hour before your arrival window to let you know what time you should expect them. They’re also trained movers, so they can safely remove the TV from your home. You won’t have to lift a finger (except maybe to show us where the TV is located).

Bonus Step:

If you have any other items you need removed, we can remove them along with your TV. Some of our most popular removed items are:

Ready to get your junk removal quote? Give us a call or text at 484-301-2442 or email us at

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