How to Pack Shoes for a Move: 6 Tips

how to pack shoes for a move

Packing shoes for a move is no easy task. They’re bulky and oddly shaped so they don’t fit together like dishes or books. And if you don’t pack them correctly, you could end up unpacking scratched, scuffed, bent, or possibly even torn shoes. You’ve had your shoe collection for years, and you want it to see you through a few more before you have to start making replacements. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to prevent unnecessary damage to your shoes. Here are 6 tips for how to pack your shoes for a move.

How to Pack Shoes for a Move: 6 Tips

1. Get Rid of Old Shoes

Before you even get started packing your shoes, get rid of any pairs you don’t wear anymore. Those ratty old running sneakers that haven’t seen the light of day in years? Throw them out. The cheap dress shoes you bought for a last minute interview but are a bit too small? Donate them. Packed shoes take up so much room as it is; you don’t have extra space to devote to shoes you know you’ll never wear again.

2. Stuff Your Shoes with Socks

Even if you carefully wrap each individual shoe, when packed on top of each other, they’ll easily lose their intended shape from all of the weight on top of them. To prevent this from happening, stuff each shoe with a pair of rolled up socks. Depending on the shoes, you might need to use two pairs of socks for full support. And for knee high boots that need a little extra assistance, stuff them with rolled up hand or tea towels. And this is a double win for you: your shoes maintain their shape during the move and your socks and tea towels are packed up too. (Just make sure you wash the towels before you use them for their intended purpose.)

3. Do Not Wrap Them with Newspaper

If you decide to pack all your shoes in one box, wrap them individually to prevent scuffs or scratches. You can wrap them with bubble wrap, packing paper, or even paper towels. But the one material you should never use is newspaper. The printed ink transfers too easily and you could end up with permanently stained shoes. Only use clean, non-print wrapping to ensure protection for your shoes.

4. Pack Nice Pairs Individually

You probably have a few pairs of shoes you want to keep in pristine condition (i.e. your wedding shoes or the Nike sneakers you spent months hunting down). Wrap and box up these expensive or sentimental shoes separately from your every day shoes. Scrunch up packing paper and stuff them in the empty spaces around the shoes to prevent shifting. If you’ve kept the old shoeboxes all these years, use them to pack them up. If you haven’t, you can purchase shoe sized cardboard boxes or use plastic storage containers or any shoe sized container you may have on hand.

5. Pack Heavier Shoes on the Bottom

Though you don’t need to individually box up your everyday pairs of shoes, you still want them in good, wearable condition. Pack heavier shoes, like winter boots and soccer cleats, at the bottom of the box with the lighter shoes on top. This way your steel toe boots won’t end up crushing your every day work loafers.

6. Pack a few Essential Shoes Separately

While you probably have an ideal unpacking timeline, there’s a possibility you’ll have to throw it out the window. And if this is the case, you might not unpack your boxes of shoes for a few weeks (if not months) after moving. Set aside a few everyday shoes to pack in a separate box or duffel bag, one you’ll unpack immediately. You’ll be able to go to work, the grocery store, or on a run without having to search through an entire box of shoes first.

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