Packing Clothing for a Move: 7 KEY Tools & Tips

how to pack clothing for a move

Depending on the size of your closets, packing up your clothing may be just as daunting as packing up your kitchen or moving your sectional sofa. The trick to efficient clothing packing lies in having the right packing tools. Before you dive headfirst into packing your clothing, take a look at these 7 tips that will aid you in efficient clothing packing for your move.

Packing Clothing for a Move: 7 Key Tools & Tips

1. Wardrobe Boxes

The easiest, most efficient way to pack clothing for a move is by using wardrobe boxes. Set up the box, attach the metal bar across the top, and hang your clothes inside. When you unpack, all you have to do is take your clothing from the wardrobe box and hang it up in your closet. It’s as simple as that. As an added bonus, there’s often extra space at the bottom where you can add folded clothing like bulky sweaters.

2. Garment Bags

For valuable pieces of clothing, i.e. tuxedos or your wedding dress, pack them in garment bags. This will give them an extra layer of protection against moisture, dust, and wrinkling during your move. Once it’s in the garment bag, hang it in the wardrobe box like you would anything else. 

3. Luggage

Chances are you already have a small collection of containers you can use to pack your clothing: luggage. Pack using the same method you would if you were going on vacation (rolling them in small bundles). And another silver lining on top of utilizing what you already have: there’s no weight restrictions holding you back from filling every nook and cranny.

4. Vacuum Seal Bags

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to moving clothing is how much space it takes up. You can overcome this by using vacuum seal bags. They’re perfect for transporting clothing and save space with bulky pieces (like sweaters) and are ideal for clothing you don’t plan to unpack right away. However, you can’t leave your clothing in these bags forever as clothes need air circulation for proper storage.

5. Garbage Bags

To avoid the price of roughly $15 per wardrobe box, you can use garbage bags and achieve a similar effect. This isn’t recommended for a long distance move but works perfectly if you’re moving a short distance. Hold the open garbage bag beneath a section of hanging clothing, bring the bag up and around, and tie around the neck of the hangers. Now you can easily toss your clothing into your vehicle and hang them up immediately in your new home.

6. Small Boxes

If you decide to opt for boxes, make sure the boxes you pack them in are small. While one piece of clothing isn’t heavy on it’s own, the weight can add up with multiple pieces piled on top of each other. Packing a lot of clothing in to a large box might mean the bottom breaking open mid move. 

7. Set Aside Moving Day/Week Clothes

When packing up your clothing, set aside one outfit for moving day and a few more for the first day in your new home. Pack these into your moving essentials bag. This way, if unpacking your clothing ends up delayed, you won’t be without clean clothing. Select comfortable and breathable clothes that will allow you to move freely during moving and unpacking days. 

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