8 Crucial tips for Moving In Together

moving in together

Moving in together is one of the biggest steps you can take in a relationship. Even if you’ve been together for years, know each other very well, and moving in together is exactly what you want, it can still be a difficult transition. You and your partner both have living habits the other may have never seen before (and may come as a shock). There will be an inevitable adjustment period where you argue about little things, i.e. how often the bathroom needs to be cleaned or putting dirty laundry in the hamper and not on the floor. To make the transition as smooth as possible–and avoid as many little arguments as you can–follow these 8 crucial tips for moving in together.

8 Crucial Tips for Moving In Together

1. Talk About It

You’ve been with your partner for a while; you know moving in together is on the horizon but aren’t sure when. You can figure that out by having open communication with your partner. Discuss whether or not you see yourselves moving in together and what kind of timeline you envision. Every couple’s moving-in-together timeline is unique. For some, it might be after a few months of dating. For others, it may be after a few years. What’s important is that you and your partner understand each others thoughts on moving in together and get on the same page.

2. Create a Budget

For some, moving in together is an even bigger step than getting married. That being said, you should talk about your finances before moving day. Honesty about your personal budget and spending habits will make cohabitation much easier. Before moving in together, create a joint budget for your anticipated monthly expenses and decide who will pay for what. It may not be as easy as splitting bills 50/50 if you and your partner have vastly different incomes. Perhaps a 40/50 or 65/35 spilt better accommodates your salaries. Decide whether you’ll want to open a joint checking account to pay for your shared expenses or if you’d rather manage your finances with the separate ones you already have.

3. Discuss Pets and Children

The time to talk about children and pets is before you move in together. If you’re absolutely positive you want to have children but you partner is immovable on not wanting kids, that’s something you want to find out before you’ve gone through the ordeal of moving, not after. You don’t have to have kids or adopt a pet immediately; you just need to be at a point where you can agree on your potential future. Knowing if you both want kids and pets and roughly when will help you determine how many bedrooms you’ll need in your new place or if a large backyard for your dogs to run around in is a must.

4. Decide Where you’re moving

You only have 3 options for where to move: their place, your place, or a whole new place. Financial obligations like a mortgage or lease may determine where you live. But if you’re free to decide, you might not want to move into an already established home. It’s usually easier for two people to merge lives and belongings in an entirely new space rather than trying to find room in one of your current homes.

5. Plan for Guests

How often do you have overnight guests? Does your partner host a weekly poker night or monthly book club? Communicating about regular and overnight guest habits will help you determine whether you need a space with an extra bedroom or if a sleeper sofa or air mattress will suffice. This also opens up the discussion for hosting ground rules. You might prefer to be in bed by 10 p.m. while your partner thinks the night is still young at 2 a.m. Make compromises that work for both of you and prevent arguments before they have a chance to start.

6. Divide Up Chores

Make a list of regular household chores and distribute them between you fairly. Some tasks might be easier than others. Perhaps your partner doesn’t mind doing the dishes and you’d prefer to cook dinner. You’ll inevitably get a little stuck on the chores no one likes doing, i.e. scrubbing the toilet or taking out the trash. But they have to be done and someone has to do them. Figure out a way to split them as fairly as possible to avoid the possibility of built up resentment over time.

7. Take Inventory & Downsize

Take stock of the furniture and household items you both have and determine what you don’t need in your new home together. If you’re both moving from 900 sq. ft. spaces into another 900 sq. ft. space, you’re probably going to have some downsizing to do. Otherwise the movers will leave you in your new home with furniture stacked on top of furniture in a maze of never ending boxes. Decide who’s sofa you’ll keep, whether or not you need three dressers, and which TV will stay. Check if you have duplicates between you of kitchen or office supplies. You don’t need 6 cookie sheets, 2 toasters, or 2 printers. If there’s anything without a place in your new home but you can’t bear to part with it, consider renting a storage unit. Living without the piece for a while will help you determine whether or not you really need/want it. This also might be a good option if you plan to move into a larger home together later down the road. 

You or your partner might be faced with a forced downsizing of personal items because they just won’t fit. Remember: downsizing things that have emotional attachment is always difficult, so be gentle with your partner on the subject.

8. Schedule Date Nights

After moving in together, it’s all too easy to habitually sit next to each other and do your own separate activities every evening. Keep the romance alive by adding date nights to your regular schedule. This doesn’t mean you have to go out somewhere every time. For instance, one of you could make a special dinner and then watch a movie you’ve both been anticipating. 

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