7 Things to Declutter for the Holidays

Declutter for the holidays

While the holidays are usually an enjoyable, festive time of the year, they can also be busy and include a bit of extra stress. And clutter creates even more stress. Rather than waiting until January or February, the best course of action is to declutter FOR the holidays and not after. This way, when you inevitably acquire more food, toys, and other gifts, they won’t add to the clutter and overwhelm you. Before you start planning food for your annual party or gifts for your kids, take care of these 7 things to declutter for the holidays

7 Things to Declutter for the Holidays

1. Holiday Decor

You’re already bringing your holiday decor down from the attic or hauling it up from the basement. Before you start decorating is the best time to sort through it all and donate anything you don’t love or no longer use. Rather than keeping these items permanently in storage, they can bring someone else some holiday joy. And as a bonus, you’ll get some extra storage space back.

2. Gift Wrapping Supplies

There’s a good chance you have a few almost finished rolls of gift wrap or smaller pieces that won’t wrap around any gift. Get rid of any unusable supplies and take inventory of what you have before you buy anything new. Plan to use up the leftover bits of gift wrap, bags, or tape, and make a list of what supplies need replenishing and stick to that list.

3. Seasonal Clothing and Gear

As you transition to your cooler weather wardrobe, do a mini-declutter of your winter clothing and gear. Donate any coats you no longer wear or have outgrown and only keep an amount of gloves, hats, and scarves your family will realistically use. This is also a great time to declutter any holiday party specific clothing you may have. You know, those sparkly dresses from holiday-parties-past hiding in the back of your closet.

Before taking your donations to your local thrift store, check with churches or homeless shelters first. They’ll get your donations straight to those in need without adding a price tag to it. Blankets are also welcome donations if you find you’ve accumulated too many.

4. Medicine Cabinet

The holiday season is, unfortunately, accompanied by cold and flu season. Check the expiration dates on medicines in your cabinet and appropriately discard anything expired. Before waiting until anyone gets sick, replace the most commonly used medications to avoid 10 p.m. trips to your local pharmacy–i.e. cough medicines, decongestants, antihistamines, pain and fever reducers, and any nighttime formulas favored by your family. 

5. Kitchen Pantry

Whether you’re hosting multiple gatherings or having a quiet holiday season at home, you’ll probably end up doing some sort of cooking or baking. Go through your pantry and throw out expired products. Sort through your dried goods and replace expired items before cooking or baking day so you’re not running out to the store for fresh ingredients. 

6. Kids Toys

If you have children, they’ll likely be gifted new toys during this time of year. And if you’re already drowning in a sea of no-longer-played-with toys, it’s time to pare down the pile before acquiring new ones. Involve your kids in the process and encourage them to donate their toys to children who aren’t as fortunate.

7. Your Expectations

It’s easy to build up your hopes for your “ideal holiday season” as you plan and commit to events. Before the season gets away from you, take a step back and let go of any unrealistic expectations you may have. Otherwise this time of year that you usually enjoy will fly by without feeling like you’ve experienced it at all. Instead of trying to attend or host every event and live up to the highly advertised “perfect holiday season”, focus on your loved ones and time well spent with them.

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