How to Wrap Furniture for a Move: Taller Pieces

how to wrap furniture

If you’re opting for a “do-it-yourself” move, one of the most important things to learn is how to wrap furniture to protect it from potential damage during your move. Whether your pieces of furniture are heirlooms, investments, thoughtful gifts, or simply things you don’t want damaged in any way, you’ll need to wrap it up. The only exception is very old, already-so-scratched-up-you-can’t-tell-what-it-originally-looked-like furniture. This would be things like wood working tables or outdoor benches. But for everything else, you’ll need to learn how to wrap furniture for a move.

How to Wrap furniture For a Move: Taller Pieces

Supplies Needed:
  • 2-3 Moving Blankets
  • Tape
  • Movers Wrap
  • A Friend to Help You

STep 1:

Take your first moving blanket and evenly drape it over the top of the piece. Then tape around the top. This is just to hold it in place while you continue to add blankets. We’ll use the movers wrap later to secure the blankets to the furniture.

Step 2:

Pick up your next blanket and hold it up to the front of the furniture. For placement, one end is going to be against the first blanket, and it should barely drape against the floor. It should cover the front and the sides of the furniture as well. Once you have it in place, ask your friend to help you tape the second blanket to the first. If you want to prevent scratches from the side that will be against the wall, repeat this step on the other side or until it’s completely covered.

STep 3:

Now it’s time to break out the movers wrap. It’s much easier to start at the top and work your way down. Peel the edge away from the wrap. Ask your friend to hold it against the top of the furniture while you walk around with the wrap and bring it back to the front. Press the wrap against the end your friend was holding.

Step 4:

After the first wrap around, you’ll wrap it around one more time and then do what we call “The Figure 8” around the top to secure the top blanket. We’re going to start on the left side. With the roll of wrap at the front of the piece, bring it up and over the top of the front left corner. Continue with the wrap diagonally all the way to the back of the piece. Then bring the wrap down and around the left side back to the front. Then you’re going to wrap in the same way you just did but in the opposite direction. Wrap up in a diagonal line over the top right corner, down the back, around the side and back to the front.

If this seems at all confusing, don’t worry! We’ve linked our video tutorial at the end of this post so you can see it in action. And after you’ve completed this part, the rest is smooth sailing from here.

Step 5:

After completing “The Figure 8”, continue wrapping your way down the whole piece of furniture. You can pass the roll back and forth between you and your friend as you wrap the piece so you don’t get dizzy walking in circles around your furniture. When you reach an edge or a corner, pull the wrap taut before continuing. This helps you secure your wrap without having to use/waste more of it.

When you reach the bottom of the piece, use your shin to hold the wrap against it while you tear the wrap from the roll. Press the loose end against the furniture, and voila! Your furniture is wrapped and protected for your move.

Looking for Movers?

If you’re hiring a moving company but want to cut costs as much as possible, preparing your furniture before the movers arrive could make the price of moving more budget friendly. Moving companies like Moving U & Junk U charge an hourly rate which gives you the benefit of only paying for the time you actually use. Depending on how much furniture you have, wrapping it up without help from the movers could save a few hours from being added to your final bill.

Or, if after watching this video you’ve decided to opt for a full service move, we can help you out with that too. Whether you’re looking for assistance with moving, packing, junk removal, or a little of each, you can sit back and relax while take care of the entire move for you. We are licensed and insured, and you can find and read many five star reviews on YelpGoogle, and Facebook. Our movers are professionally trained to safely move you from point A to point B. We’ll treat you and your belongings with the utmost care and help make your move stress free.

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