Change of Address After Moving: 15 Places to Update

Change of Address After Moving

As you go through the moving process, you should change your address as soon as you’re able to receive mail at your new home. This task is time consuming and probably the last thing on your mind as you’re just trying to make sure your home is packed up before the movers arrive. But you don’t have to do it all immediately. All you have to do is change your address at the first two locations on this list, and then you can take your time with the rest. You can’t put it off forever, but this will give you a little bit more time. After you’ve updated the first two, refer back to the remaining 15 to help you with your change of address after moving.

Change Of Address After Moving: 15 Places To Update

1. The USPS

Before you change your address anywhere else, start with the United State Postal Service. For $1.05, you can change your address on their website. All mail the USPS receives with your name and old address will be rerouted to your new home. So if there are a few businesses you forget about, you’ll be reminded as you receive your rerouted mail.

2. Online Shopping Accounts

After the USPS, update your address anywhere you shop regularly (the top two places probably being Amazon and Target). You might go through the motions when shopping on these sites or apps and if you don’t update your address, it will end up at your old home. Packages are often shipped with FedEx or UPS, so the USPS reroute will not apply. And it takes much more time to track down your packages than it does to update your address.

3. The DMV

You probably sighed and/or groaned when you remembered you’d have to go to the DMV to change your address on your license or ID. But there’s some good news! If you’re moving within Pennsylvania, for any non-commercial license, you can change your address online and avoid going to the DMV at all. Check the guidelines for your new address because they do vary from state to state. But you’re legally required to change the address on your license and registration, so don’t put this off for too long.

4. Voter Registration

Don’t wait until the next election to register to vote; there’s a good chance you won’t remember to do it until after the registration deadline. Register online as soon as you move to your new address so you’re prepared for the next election. 

5. Tax Agencies

You’ll need to change your address with both the IRS and your state tax agency. For the IRS, you can fill out their online form. For your state tax agency, you can find instructions on your state’s government website.

6. Social Security Administration

If you receive Social Security or Medicare benefits, don’t forget to change your address with the Social Security Administration. It’s easy take care of online without having to go anywhere or call anyone.

7. Your Employer

It’s important to update your employer with your new address for more than just keeping their records current. If they outsource their payroll, they need to be notified of your change of address so your paystubs reflect the correct address.

8. Banks and Credit Card Companies

You don’t want your bank statements going to the wrong address. Change your address with your bank. And if you’re still a fan of paper checks, order new ones with your new address while you’re at it.

9. Loan Providers

Your loan providers–student, car, mortgage, etc.–will need your new address. Even if you’re sure you’ve gone entirely paperless with them, they might mail out infrequent but important updates.

10. Utilities

Cancel auto payments and accounts for utilities assigned to your old address and contact your new utility companies. You should do this a few days before you move. Otherwise you might spend your first night in your new home without electricity or hot water, which is not the most ideal way to start this new chapter of your life.

11. Phone, Internet, & Cable

Whether they’re bundled or from a few different providers, notify your phone, internet, and cable of your change of address. And don’t forget to update your cell phone carrier as well.

12. Insurance Companies

To ensure coverage in your new town, change your address with any insurance company you have policies with. A few of the most common insurances you might have are renter’s/homeowner’s, car, health, dental, and life insurance. It’s absolutely critical to update your address with your renter’s/homeowner’s insurance–and probably open a new policy–because that coverage only applies to the address it’s assigned to. You might need to switch car insurance companies altogether if they do not provide coverage in your new state. And even if you’re not switching jobs and don’t need to find new health insurance, they’ll need your new address.

13. Doctors, Dentists, and Veterinarians

Whether you plan to keep the same physicians and veterinarians or have to find new practitioners, update your previous/current healthcare providers with your new address so they know where to forward outstanding bills. You’ll also need to find a pharmacy closer to your new home if you have any regular prescriptions. And if your pet has a microchip, make sure that address is updated.

14. Subscriptions Services

Make a list of any subscription services you have and change your address with each one. This includes magazines, newspapers, subscription boxes, and streaming services. Update your address so you can be sure you receive your reading material or other goodies.

15. Friends and Family

And last, certainly not least but more time consuming than the rest of these, let your friends and family know about your change of address. It doesn’t matter which method of communication you pick, just choose what that works best for you. This can be via text, a phone call to catch up, or, if it’s close to the holidays, include it in your annual card or newsletter. 

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