Decluttering Your Closet: The 6 Questions to Ask

decluttering your closet

Earlier this week, we shared the ins and outs of decluttering your closet. Now we’re diving a little deeper into one of the sections: “Ask Yourself These Questions.” After you’ve divided your clothing into like piles (i.e. shirts, trousers, dresses, etc.), there are several questions you should ask to decide whether or not to keep an article of clothing. These six questions will help you pare down your wardrobe, aiding you in the great quest of decluttering your closet.

Decluttering Your CLoset: The 6 Questions To Ask

1. Do I love this?

Two of the three possible answers to this question are polarizing, making it easier to decide what to do with the piece of clothing. If the answer is “yes”, it goes into your keep pile and then back into your closet. “No” means you’re getting rid of it. If your answer is “I don’t know”, continue to ask the following questions.

2. How often do I wear this? 

If you don’t know whether or not you love a piece of clothing, think about how often you wear it. Is it a piece you like but you’ve moved to a warmer climate and have less opportunities to wear it? Do you have something similar you reach for more? Have you only forgotten about it because it was buried in the back of your closet? If you don’t wear it often and don’t plan to in the future, donate it. But if you’re still not sure whether or not you should keep it, move on to the next few questions that are a bit more specific.

3. Is it comfortable?

Comfort is key when it comes to what clothing you wear often. If it’s not comfortable and that’s the reason why you’re not wearing it, it’s absolutely time to donate it. That cute but itchy sweater you bought on clearance without trying it on? Get rid of it. The bridesmaid dress you’re never going to wear again because it just doesn’t compliment your skin tone? Donate it.

4. Is it stained?

So it’s a piece of clothing you really love but it has a stain. Don’t throw it out before at least trying to fix it. In this day and age of the internet, we’re blessed with the ability to crowdsource stain removal techniques. Just search the words “how to remove stain” followed by the type of fabric and what the stain is from, and you’re guaranteed to find at least one or two different ways to remove the stain.

After you’ve tried everything, if it still hasn’t come out, you’re left with two options. 1) You can cut out the stain and creatively repair it. Or 2) Donate, toss, or recycle it. You might think if there’s a noticeable stain, no one will want to pick it up from the charity shop. But some creative individuals are just looking for fabric. They’ll cut out the stain and use the rest to create a bag or a pillow or a pieced together skirt or shirt.

5. Does it need repair?

After years of wear, clothing usually starts to fall apart in some way. Is it fraying, missing button, or torn? Don’t despair! With the proper–and inexpensive–tools, you can easily learn to repair a beloved article of clothing. Here are some tutorials for the most common mending needs:

6. Do I need multiples of this?

If you’ve answered all the other questions without making a decision, the last elimination tactic falls to whether or not you own and need multiples of it. And your answer to this question might need to be yes. If you’re a nurse, you need multiple pairs of scrubs. Avid runners require multiple pairs of workout leggings for good reasons. But if you have so many t-shirts that it’s impossible to wear them all during one month, it might be time to let a few go.

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