9 Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company

questions to ask a moving company

Moving to a new home means a lot of planning and a lot of decision making. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make during the moving process–after deciding where to live–is choosing a moving company. You want the company to be the best fit for you, move your belongings safely to your new home, and make the process as smooth as possible. In order to narrow it down to the best candidate, there are 9 important questions to ask a moving company to determine their honesty and legitimacy.

9 Important Questions to Ask a Moving Company

  1. Are you licensed?

    Professional moving companies have proper licensing. While having a license doesn’t mean the service is excellent  or their prices are fair, it does mean the company isn’t a scam. Licensed companies have a license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation, and you can check their license number here. If you’re utilizing a local moving company that only moves within one state, they will be regulated at the state level and not with the Department of Transportation.

  2. What is your insurance coverage?

    Once you know they’re licensed, the next step is to make sure they’re insured. A legitimate moving company will provide proof of insurance when asked. All moving companies are required to have a basic level of coverage. Some offer additional insurance options. But if they don’t, and you’d like additional insurance, you can add on your own from a third party insurance company.

  3. How do you determine the estimate?

    Not all moving companies are created equal, and no estimates from different companies will be the same. Most companies calculate based on shipment weight, shipping distance, or hourly labor. Knowing how each estimate is calculated will help you compare and contrast quotes from different companies.

  4. Do you have any hidden fees?

    While it’s certainly not fair, some moving companies have hidden fees. They bury these fees in paperwork and make them difficult to find. Ask the company if they have hidden fees and check their reviews as well to see what former clients have to say. Don’t let one bad review ruin a company for you, as the customer may have been having a bad day or didn’t communicate with the company which caused a misunderstanding. But if you find multiple reviews mentioning hidden fees, maybe steer clear of this company.

  5. What happens if my move takes longer than estimated?

    This is another important question to ask so you can accurately compare estimates. This is also where some hidden fees come in to play. If you’re moving with a company that calculates the final price based on time used, it should be prorated every 15 minutes or half hour. Find out if overages will be due up front on moving day or if there’s a grace period.

  6. How do you handle disputes, claims, or damages?

    Not every move is perfect, and sometimes accidents happen. It’s best to be prepared in case it does happen to you. Before receiving reimbursement through insurance, you’ll have to go through the company’s claims process. Ask what their claims process is like so you’re aware of the steps to take.

  7. What is your cancellation policy?

    Even if you’re positive cancelling your move is not an option, you can’t predict the future. Settlement could fall through. Or you might decide your new job isn’t right for you after all. Most companies will keep the deposit for a cancelled move. Some might allow you to apply your deposit to another reservation date within a certain time frame. Others still might have a cancellation fee.

  8. If you require a deposit, does that go towards my final balance?

    If the company requires you to pay a deposit to reserve your moving date, make sure it applies to the final total of your move. Whether include your deposit in the final balance not, this could affect your moving budget.

  9. What types of payment do you accept?

    You might think moving companies accept all forms of payment. But some don’t accept credit cards. Some don’t accept checks. Ask their preferred method of payment so you’re prepared on moving day.

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