How to Protect a Couch During Your Move: 6 Simple Steps

Learning how to protect a couch during your move is important, especially if you’re not hiring a full service moving company. If you didn’t get a good deal on it or inherit it from someone, it was probably rather expensive, and you would like it to arrive at your new home in the same condition it left your old one in. But as long as you have the right supplies and learn from our tutorial, wrapping and protecting a couch is a piece of cake.

How to Protect a Couch During Your Move

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • at least 2 moving blankets (will depend on the size of your couch)
  • a roll of movers wrap
  • tape
  1. Cover With Movers Blankets

    Cover all sides of the couch: top, front, back, and both ends. Make sure they’re long ways along the couch, the shorter sides along the arm rests. If any part of the front is showing, pull the blankets down so they cover the bottom. A little bit can drag on the floor; we’ll tuck that under later if that’s the case.

  2. Tape for Temporary Hold

    Start at one end/arm of the couch, and wrap the tape around the circumference a few times. The goal of the tape is not to prevent the blankets from falling off. The tape will hold the blankets in place until you secure it with movers wrap.

  3. Wrapping Time

    It doesn’t matter where you start wrapping, but we prefer to start around the top of the couch and work our way down. To follow our wrapping method, start with the end of the wrap about a third or quarter of the way in on the back couch cushion. Bring the roll around to the back of the couch and wrap it around the back and bring it back to the front. Then keep wrapping, working your way down the couch. (Don’t worry about wrapping over the seat portion of the couch. We’ll take care of that in the next step.)

    When you get to an end of the couch, pull the wrap taut before wrapping around the corner. This will ensure it’s as tight as possible. Once you’re at the front/bottom of the couch, make sure you wrap close to the floor. If any of the blanket is touching the floor, hold it up and use the wrap to help hold it up underneath the couch.

  4. Execute “The Fold Over”

    Next, we’ll take care of the seat portion of the couch with a move we call “The Fold Over”.  If you’re not already there, get the wrap to the end of the arm rest on the front of the couch. Pull the wrap tight, along the arm of the couch on the side. Wrap across the seat cushions to the other arm rest. Pull it down and press the wrap firmly against the wrap already around the couch. Then bring the wrap up and back across the seat cushions again to the side you started on. Movers wrap will easily adhere to itself and keep it from pulling away. (Just don’t tug too hard until you have a few layers in place.) Go back and forth in this pattern until the entire section of seat cushions is covered.

  5. Cover the Top

    Once the seat cushions are covered, bring the wrap around the to the back of the couch and wrap over the exposed top of the back cushions. (If you already got this during the first step, you can skip this step.)

  6. One More Time Around

    Wrap around the the circumference of the sofa one or two more times. Once you’ve done that, bring it around a corner, poke a hole to tear it away, and press the end of the wrap flat against the couch.

Now you know how to protect your couch during your move!

Before you get started, make sure you watch our video to get the complete run down.

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