Dumpster Rental Vs. Junk Removal Service: Which is Best?

dumpster rental vs junk removal

You’ve got a large pile of debris that needs to be removed from your home or office. You don’t want to throw it out slowly in your regular trash pick up, and you don’t want to load it all into your vehicle and make several trips to the dump. After eliminating these options, you’re left with only two others: either rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal service. But when it comes to dumpster rental vs. junk removal service, which is better? Both have pros and cons, and it all depends on your situation. How do you determine which option is best for you? We’ve summed up the 5 different categories to consider so you can make the best decision for your removal and decide who wins the battle of dumpster rental vs. junk removal service.

Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal Service

  1. Space

    Dumpster Rental: Before you even consider renting a dumpster, you have to figure out whether or not you have the space for it. If you have a spacious driveway, this will be no problem. But if you have a small driveway or only street parking, dumpster rental may not even be an option for you. You might be able to park it in the street, but you’ll have to spend additional money on a parking permit for the dumpster.

    Junk Removal Service: When hiring a junk removal service, the only space you’ll need to provide is a temporary parking space. Depending on the junk you need removed, the truck will only need parking space for .5-2 hours.

  2. Volume

    Dumpster Rental: Dumpsters accommodate a large volume of junk. This may be ideal if you’re DIY-ing some home renovations and need some place to get drywall or wooden beams out of your way as you demolish over the course of a few days. However, most dumpster rental companies have a weight limit. Any additional weight means you might end up paying extra fees.

    Junk Removal Service: A junk removal service can accommodate any amount of junk. If it’s a large amount of debris, the crew would make multiple trips, utilize multiple trucks, or schedule pick ups over multiple days, depending on what’s best for your needs.

  3. Type of Removal

    Dumpster Rental: Dumpster debris often heads straight for the landfill without being sorted, so there are restrictions on what you can put in them. Things like paint cans and televisions probably won’t be accepted. Some even have restrictions on the types of debris that can be mixed in the same dumpster. For example if you’re tearing down a backyard shed and need to get rid of both yard and construction debris, you probably won’t be able to dispose of them in the same dumpster.

    Junk Removal Service: If you hire a junk removal service, you won’t have to worry about mixing debris. Most companies will take nearly anything and sort through it/keep it sorted for you. Be sure to ask if there’s anything they won’t accept before scheduling your removal.

  4. Convenience & Safety

    Dumpster Rental : Renting a dumpster means you have to move all the junk into it yourself. If you know the debris will be lighter pieces and you feel confident you can safely move them to the dumpster, this may still be a good option for you.

    Junk Removal Service: Junk removal services provide white glove removal; you don’t have to lift a finger. Simply show them where the junk is located, and they’ll remove it, doing all the heavy lifting for you.

  5. Cost

    Dumpster Rental: The average cost for dumpster rental in the Philadelphia area can range between $325-525 to rent for only a few days. And there may be extra fees depending on what you need to get rid of. This also doesn’t include the labor to move the junk from where it’s located into the dumpster.

    Junk Removal Service: Most junk removal services are volume based. You’re only paying for the amount of junk you’re getting rid of. Depending on how much and what you need removed, you could end up saving quite a bit of money–and back pain–by hiring a junk removal service.

So Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal Service… What’s Best for Me?

Dumpster rental is right for you if you’re…

  • slowly getting rid of junk over a period of time
  • loading items yourself
  • only getting rid of one type of debris

Junk removal service is right for you if you…

  • need quick removal of large amounts of debris
  • want someone else to load your junk for you
  • require removal of several different types of debris

Why Choose Moving U & Junk U for Junk Removal

  1. Space

    The only space you’ll need to provide is a temporary parking space for our junk removal truck. Depending on the size of the job, we’ll only need that space for two hours at most. Then we’ll be gone, along with your junk.

  2. Volume

    No matter how much junk you need removed, we’ll get rid of it for you by tailoring our service to fit your needs. We can spread junk removal across a few days or send a larger junk removal crew with a few trucks. Our managers will evaluate your removal and determine the best options for you.

  3. Type of Removal

    Whatever you need removed, we can remove it for you, with the exception of anything gasoline filled. Some pieces may need extra attention when it comes to disposal, like a paint cans or a hot tub. Let us know what it is you need removed, and we’ll let you know if it will require any extra steps or precautions.

  4. Convenience and Safety

    Our junk removal crews are also trained movers. Wherever the junk is located–basement, attic, living room, kitchen–we’ll safely remove it for you. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about any sprains or over-stretching.

    We know you probably want this junk removed as soon as possible, so we’ll always try to accommodate with same or next day service. But even if you’re planning removal for a month from now, give us a call, text, or email. We’ll schedule your junk removal so you don’t have to worry about it.

  5. Cost

    Our pricing is volume based. We’ll give you an estimate before we schedule your removal. Once the crew arrives, they’ll let you know the final price before getting started. For larger junk removal jobs, one of our managers will stop by for an onsite estimate so we can plan for the best possible removal price and service.

    Our flat price for junk removal includes everything–no hidden fees. The only time there is ever another fee is when additional labor is required to take a piece apart or if special disposal is necessary. But we will always tell you that upfront before we even schedule your removal.

How Our Junk Removal Service Works

Our friendly Junk Removal crew will give you a call half an hour before your arrival window to let you know what time you should expect them.

For smaller removals: Once the crew sees the junk in person, they’ll give you the final price before they haul everything away.

For larger removals with a final price and after smaller removals have an approved price: We’ll get started on safely removing everything and loading it into our truck. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, and you won’t have to lift a finger (except maybe to show us where the junk is located).

If you have anything else you need to get rid of, we can take care of it while removing the debris as well. Some of our most popular removal items are:

When you’re ready to get your quote, give us a call or text at 484-301-2442 or email us at info@movingujunku.com.

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