How to Declutter a Bathroom: 5 Spaces to Focus On

how to declutter a bathroom

Nearly everyone has expired products taking up space in their bathroom. It’s so easy for something to get pushed to the back and forgotten about. Because of all the shelving and nooks and crannies, most bathrooms could use a good declutter once every season. Going through such a tiny space hiding so many items can seem overwhelming. The trick to not being overwhelmed: divide it into manageable spaces and finish each of those before moving on to the next. Here are 5 common bathroom spaces that require semi-regular organizing to use as a starting point when figuring out how to declutter a bathroom.

How to Declutter a Bathroom: 5 Spaces to Focus On

  1. Medicine Cabinet

    Sort through all the medicines and products you keep in your medicine cabinet. Is it expired? Get rid of it. Is it broken or you no longer use it? Get rid of it.

    Only keep items in your medicine cabinet that you use daily or semi-regularly. If you have an arsenal of products you rely on every day, you may need to implement a stricter policy for what gets its own space in the medicine cabinet. If you overstuff it, you’ll end up with items falling out into the sink every time you open it.

  2. Under the Sink

    The under the sink cabinet is one of the best and most likely places to find cleaning supplies. You’re also very likely to find old sponges past their prime and almost empty cleaning bottles. Get rid of the old and unusable. Bring the almost empty cleaners to the front of the cabinet and make sure you use them the next few times you clean until they’re empty.

    There are so many ways to organize your under the sink products. Use a tension rod across the top to hold cleaning spray (hang it on the rod by the sprayer). Utilize plastic containers to corral items and keep cleaning products away from things like toilet paper. And there are so many different types of easy to add cabinet shelving available. From plastic risers to collapsible metal shelves, there’s a shelf out there that will work under your sink.

  3. Linen Closet

    While this may not be in your bathroom, it certainly operates in conjunction to it. When was the last time you took inventory of your towels and wash clothes? Most people tend to accumulate household items like towels either from a sale or as a Christmas or birthday gift. Get rid of the grungy looking towels that have provided years of use and use the nicer, newer ones hiding somewhere near the back of the closet.

    Now that there are less towels in your linen closet, this should free up a little space. Neatly fold the towels and place them back on the shelves, keeping them organized by hand towels, large towels, and wash cloths. If your shelves are large and stacks of towels are prone to falling over, invest in some bins that will fit on the shelves and use them to hold the towels.

  4. Cosmetics

    Did you know makeup expires? On the back of some products, there’s a small image of a little round container with a number next to the letter “m”. That number indicates how many months the product will be good for after opening. If you can’t remember when you purchased the product, chances are, it wasn’t within the last six months and you might want to replace it with a new container. (Pro tip: write the date you open the product on a piece of masking tape and put it on the back or bottom of the container. You’ll always know when it’s time to replace!)

    If you wear makeup daily, there’s almost no point storing it away in a cupboard after every use as you’ll waste time putting it away and taking it out every day. Arrange and store your cosmetics in a way that looks organized and intentional and not spread out all over the counter. Use a jar to hold your makeup brushes. You can fill the jar with coffee beans or decorative stones to hold the brushes in place. For the rest of your products, utilize a storage shelf or caddy designed to hold makeup. It will have various dividers to hold anything from eyeshadow palettes to tubes of mascara and foundation.

  5. Hair Care

    Hair care products can also expire. Get rid of bottles of expired product as well as any hair styling tools you haven’t used in years or need to be replaced. Once you’ve found all the bobby pins hiding in your cabinets, determine a better storage solution for them. You can keep them in a designated container or attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your medicine cabinet door and stick them to it.

    Hair care products are the most difficult to organize when trying to figure out how to declutter a bathroom. They pose more storage difficulty than cosmetics as they tend to be bigger and bulkier. Thing like curling wands, hair straighteners, and hair dryers take up a lot of space. Depending on what you have, the best solution may be a small, stand alone dresser or cabinet with drawers. This can be a cheap plastic one from Walmart or Target or you can utilize drawers if your bathroom has them.

Now that you know how to declutter your bathroom, you’ve probably realized you’ll end up with a little bit of a mess to get rid of once you’ve finished. Maybe the over the toilet shelf broke and needed replacing, or your declutter and clear out was for a bathroom remodel, and you’ll soon end up with construction debris. Before trying to find some way to get rid of these large pieces, give Moving U & Junk U a call. Our junk removal crews provide friendly, professional removal services. We’ll make your junk disappear and take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

declutter a bathroom

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