Packing Fragile Items: 7 Tips and Tricks

packing fragile items

Packing fragile items can cause stress throughout almost every part of your move. Once they’re packed, you’re hoping and praying you packed them properly and they make it to your new location in one piece. But this doesn’t need to add more stress to your move. There are a few things you can do to mitigate your worries and ensure your items are safe. Follow our 7 tips and tricks for affordably packing fragile items but with the highest level of protection.

7 Tips and Tricks for Packing Fragile Items

  1. Use What You Have

    Before you go out and purchase packing paper and bubble wrap, figure out what you already have that can be used for packing. You most likely have plenty of t-shirts and tea towels in your home. You can also use thick socks for smaller items like perfume bottles or other knick knacks. And the best part about this hack? You’re packing 2 items at once.

  2. Pack Plates Vertically

    While this might seem odd if you haven’t heard of it before, packing your plates vertically gives them the best protection. Packing in flat stacks creates more pressure, increasing the chance of a few plates breaking during the move. To pack plates, wrap them with packing paper, secure with tape, and place vertically in the box. Layer packing paper/tea towels/t-shirts between each wrapped plate for a little extra padding.

  3. Don’t Use Newspaper to Pack China

    Newspaper print can transfer easily to china, and possibly permanently stain your dishes. Use packing paper instead. You don’t want to add “thorough dish washing” to your never ending list of things to complete while unpacking.

  4. Support “Bottlenecks”

    When wrapping a vase, lamp, or stemware, support the neck using bubble wrap, packing paper, tea towels, or t-shirts. Bunch up extra paper or bubble wrap and wrap it around the neck of the item to prevent it from cracking or snapping during the move. Once you have the padding around the neck, wrap around the entire piece one more time to hold it in place.

  5. Don’t Overpack Boxes

    Be mindful of the box’s weight while you’re packing. Even if there’s more room in the box, overfilling risks the bottom of the box breaking open or items within the box cracking under pressure from the items on top. If you have extra room at the top of the box, fill it with tea towels, bedsheets, a lightweight pillow, or even scrunched up packing paper to prevent shifting without adding a ton of extra weight. That being said, make sure you…

  6. Secure the Box with Tape

    Secure the bottom of the box with plenty of tape. How many layers is up to you, but you’ll want to go for at least 3. You don’t want the bottom of the boxing giving out during the move, dropping and breaking the items you worked so hard to keep safe.

  7. G

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