5 Clothing Packing Hacks for a Move

Clothing Packing Hacks

Everyone has to pack clothes when they move. How you pack clothing can be a challenge, as it takes up a lot of space and boxes. And the best method all depends on whether you’re moving locally or long distance or require storage. Wherever you’re moving and however much clothing you’re moving, here are 5 clothing packing hacks. Whatever your situation, one of these 5 hacks will make clothing packing a breeze for you.

5 Clothing Packing Hacks for a Move

  1. Wardrobe Boxes

    For a long distance move or one that requires a bit of storage, wardrobe boxes are your best option as they allow your clothes to breathe while they are stored. Wardrobe boxes have two parts: a roughly waist high cardboard box and a metal bar. There are divots in the top of the box where the metal bar slots into place. You then hang the clothing from the bar, and voila! Easy transportation for hanging clothing.

  2. Garbage Bags

    If you’re moving a short distance, there’s a way to pack clothing still on the hangers without using a wardrobe box. Simply section off some clothing in your closet and slip the bottoms into an open garbage bag. Pull the bag up and around the clothing and tie around the top of the hangers. Once you arrive at your new location, hang it up in the closet and untie the garbage bag to remove. You can even reuse the garbage bags once they’re removed (only if there were no holes made during the move).

  3. Luggage

    Make use of the luggage you already have and save money on wardrobe or moving boxes. This option can be used for local or long distance moving. Pack like you are going on vacation by rolling clothing into bundles to make more fit inside.

  4. Compression Bags

    If you have access to these, utilize them for out of season or bulky clothing, like winter jackets or sweaters. You can also use them for comforters and blankets to prevent them from taking up too much space. However, clothing does need to breathe, so you shouldn’t use this option if your clothes are going into storage for a while.

  5. Small Boxes

    If you decide to pack clothing in boxes, make sure they’re small. One piece of clothing might not seem heavy, but when you put a few together, the weight adds up quickly. Even if you or the movers could safely move a box of that weight, it doesn’t mean the bottom of the box won’t give out during the move.

A Note About Dresser Drawers

You might be asking, “Why isn’t leaving clothing in dresser drawers on this list?” While it might seem like a quick hack, it could cause more harm than it’s worth. Furniture is created to be stationary. It’s not meant to be picked up and moved around with items inside. When being moved, especially up or down flights of stairs, clothing will slide to one side, putting more weight and pressure on that side of the drawer and possibly damaging the drawer or the frame of the piece. Shifting weight also makes it more difficult for you or the movers to move the piece in general, increasing your chances of leaving scuffs and scratches on walls.

Once you’ve determined the best method to pack your clothing, it’s time to find movers. We at Moving U & Junk U believe we’re the movers for you. We provide moving and junk removal services, and if you want to avoid packing your clothing altogether, we can do the packing for you. Whatever you need help with, we’ll tailor our services to meet your needs. Looking for us to pack up the kitchen and only move the bulky items to your new home? We can do that. Are you interested in a hands off, full service packing and move with some junk removal? We can do that too. Our professionally trained, friendly movers are here to make your life easier on moving day.

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