9 Tips for Rearranging a Room Like a Pro

Arranging and rearranging furniture is not an activity reserved only for move in day. You can rearrange your furniture any time you want for any reason, whether the function of the room has changed, you’re adding a new piece of furniture, or you just want to shake things up a bit. While this can be a free style exercise, there are a few things you should keep in mind when rearranging a room to prevent any backtracking to fix mistakes. We have 9 tips for rearranging a room that will help it flow and look bigger than it is.

9 Tips for Rearranging a Room Like a Pro

  1. Consider the Function of the Room

    This is probably the most important of our tips for rearranging a room: Before you start rearranging, figure out how you want this room to work. Is it a large living room where you want to create multiple spaces for conversation? Are you trying to design a space that’s both living and dining room? Set an end goal at the start, or you might end up with a room that doesn’t work for what you need at all.

  2. Choose a Focal Point

    Most rooms are centered around something but it doesn’t have to be the tv. It could be the bed or the fireplace or your really nice looking sofa. Once you have a focal point for the room, the rest of the furniture placement will start to fall into place around that piece.

  3. Think About Traffic Flow

    How do people move through this room to get to the next one? Consider what traffic patterns flow best through this room, especially if it has multiple entrances/exits. Don’t create any obstacles to these paths. It might take some trial and error before you have this completely figured out. Just don’t plan to put large pieces on heavily used paths.

  4. Measure Before Moving (and Buying)

    Before you start rearranging, or buying, measure your furniture, especially the large pieces. Then measure where you’d like them to go, and make sure they’ll fit. You don’t want to start moving your heavy sectional to find out the only place it will fit is where you originally had it.

  5. Place Tables for Comfort and Use

    When placing tables in the room, keep in mind where people will be sitting. Make sure there’s enough room between the coffee table and sofa (roughly 14-18 inches for ample leg room). End tables should be the height of the arm of the chair or sofa they are next to. If not, they should be slightly lower, but never taller. Place them within at least an arms distance of where someone would be seated.

  6. Don’t Push Furniture Against Walls

    At first thought, you’d think pushing furniture against the walls would make the space feel larger. But the opposite is true. Placing furniture 3-4 inches away from the wall creates a floating effect and makes the walls look further away and the room much larger.

  7. Experiment with Angles

    If you have a large room with only a few pieces of furniture, try angling you sofa, chair, or cabinet. This will draw the eye to that piece and also help you create a focal point if you don’t have one already.

  8. Don’t Obstruct Windows and Doors

    Natural light makes a room feel bigger than it is. Don’t block light from windows or patio doors with a large piece of furniture. Windows create the illusion of depth as your eyes go from the room to the window to outside the house.

  9. Try Out Different Lamp Sizes

    Overhead lighting by itself can be harsh, whereas a few lamps scattered around the room with gentle lighting create ambiance. Try using a mix of overhead lighting and lamps. Table lamps fit perfectly on end tables. Overhead lamps fit best over or behind sofas. A mixture of a few different light sources creates a balance of light rather than a blinding bulb from one source.

Now that you’re prepared to rearrange your room, you might be wondering how you’re going to move certain heavy pieces of furniture around. That’s where Moving U & Junk U comes in. While our most utilized services are moving and junk removal, we also provide general labor. Our friendly, professionally trained movers will move furniture up or down flights of stairs or even just to the other side of the room it’s already in. We’ll help you achieve the look you want without you doing any of the heavy lifting.

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