Hand Truck or Floor Dolly: Which Is Best for Your Move?

One of the questions we’re asked frequently is, “Should I use a hand truck or floor dolly for my move?”

Answer: Depending on where you’re moving out of and in to, you need both because they are utilized in specific situations and are not interchangeable.

The Difference Between a Floor Dolly and a Hand Truck

Floor Dolly

A floor dolly is a flat platform with four wheels. To move an item with a floor dolly, you pick up the item and place it on top of the dolly. This isn’t ideal for anything large and heavy, like appliances or bulky dressers. But it’s perfect for large, lightweight items that you need a little extra assistance maneuvering down hallways.

Floor dollies are easier to use than hand trucks, as they require less strength on your part. The only issue with dollies is they don’t handle variations in floor texture very well. They’re perfect for long flat hallways with no texture or bumps, like apartment hallways and industrial carpeting you find in office buildings. Sidewalks or certain decorative tile flooring pose a problem for floor dollies. Any sort of texture will catch the wheels and jostle the piece of furniture you’re moving, which increases the potential for damage or the piece falling off of the dolly completely.

Hand Truck

Hand trucks are shaped like an “L”, have large wheels, and stand upright. The bottom of the “L” shape is where the item is carried by the hand truck. They’re useful for taller items, like a chest of drawers or a refrigerator. They can also be used to quickly move a larger stack of boxes at one time. You simply slide the bottom of the hand truck underneath the piece, lift it up, and tilt back, so the back of the piece is against the taller part of the “L” of the hand truck.

If you’re moving across textured flooring (i.e. gravel driveway or sidewalk), you’ll want to use the hand truck. It will smoothly move your item across any ground inconsistencies. While they are better for heavier pieces of furniture, hand trucks do require more strength from you to move the item. Much of the weight falls onto the back of the hand truck, and you’ll have to hold and balance the weight as you move it.

For more information about the difference between floor dollies and hand trucks, be sure to watch our video below.

When you to choose to move with Moving U & Junk U, we’ll arrive on moving day prepared. Our managers will review your itemized list to see what furniture you’re moving and where you’re moving it from and to. They’ll ensure we have either a floor dolly, hand truck, or both ready for your move.

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