How to Clear Out a Storage Unit in Only 4 Steps

It’s been a few years since you’ve seen the inside of your storage unit. You utilized it to it’s fullest potential. It made your life easier by giving you more space in your home that isn’t dedicated to storage. But now it’s time to clear it out. Whether your goal is to stop using the storage unit completely or to make room for new items you need stored, learn how to clear out a storage unit in only 4 simple steps.

How to Clear Out a Storage Unit in Only 4 Steps

  1. Get in the Right Mindset

    Schedule Time
    Before you even start, make sure you’re in the right mindset to tackle this project. Start by scheduling when you’ll sort through everything. Pick a date and mark it on your calendar so you remember it’s coming up.

    Be Prepared
    If you don’t know what’s inside, be prepared for the possibility this clear out could take longer than one day. You might come across items with sentimental attachment. These kinds of things take time to sort through and decide whether or not to part with. If you end up needing more time than you initially thought, don’t get frustrated with yourself. It’s an overwhelming process that you can’t anticipate how it will go until it’s happening.

  2. Figure Out What’s Inside

    Once you arrive at your storage unit on your designated clear out day, open it up and take inventory of what’s inside. Gauge how much there as and how much time you’ll need to accomplish your clear out, whether it’s just one day or if you’ll need more time than that.

    If your storage unit is full of mostly furniture, figuring out what’s inside should be quick and easy. But if it’s full of mostly boxes, that makes figuring out what’s in there a bit more difficult. To do this as efficiently as possible, clear away a section of the unit where you can sort through boxes. Go through one at a time, number the boxes with a sharpie, and make a separate list of what is in that box. If it’s full of items you’re definitely keeping, set it aside, so you don’t have to go through it a second time.

    If you know there are no sentimental items you’ll need to sort through and want to get through everything as quickly as possible, you can skip going through boxes and move on to step 3.

  3. Start Sorting

    Once you’ve gone through everything and know what’s what, sort it into four piles: keep, toss, donate, and store. (You’ll only need the store pile if you plan on keeping the storage unit.)

    To sort efficiently, start with one box/area at a time. Avoid jumping around to different things in the storage unit. If you don’t stick with one item at a time, you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed and like you haven’t completed anything even after a few hours of work.

    If you’re not keeping your storage unit, don’t give in to temptation and bring everything home and sort it there. At home, you don’t have the looming end of your unit lease that will encourage you to go through everything. Decide what to do with everything at the storage unit and only bring something home if you plan to keep it.

  4. Hire a Local Removal Professionals

    Once everything is sorted, it’s time to bring in your local removal professionals, like Moving U & Junk U. We’ll take care of your donate and toss piles so you don’t have to drag everything around to their final destinations. Whether there’s a fridgetreadmill, old mattresses, bulky television, or boxes for donation, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting. Once you’ve sorted through your storage unit, all you’ll have to do is schedule your removal pick up and show us what you want removed. That’s it!

3 Steps For Quick & Easy Junk Removal:

  • Get Your Price

    Our all inclusive pricing is volume based. We’ll give you an estimate for your junk removal ahead of time so you know what to expect on the day of your pick up.

  • Schedule Your Junk Removal

    We know you probably want your donate and toss piles removed as soon as possible, so we’ll always try to accommodate with same or next day service. But even if you’re planning removal for a month from now, give us a call, text, or email. We’ll schedule your junk removal so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Say Goodbye To Your Old Junk

    Our friendly junk removal crew will give you a call half an hour before your arrival window to let you know what time you should expect them. Once they arrive, simply show them what you want removed. All of our junk removal crews are trained movers as well, so they can safely remove the items from your storage unit.

    Once your junk is removed, we’ll take care of either responsible disposal or bringing it to donation centers. Everything gets where it needs to go, and you don’t have to break your back to do it.

When you’re ready to get an estimate and schedule your junk removal, give us a call or text at 484-301-2442 or email us at

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