How to Move Quickly: 6 Tips for a Quicker Move

Moving is expensive. The average American moves 11.7 times throughout their life. Unless you’ve planned for the move in advance, moving can take a toll on your finances. It can be a difficult thing to plan for as the price of moving varies because of things outside of your control: when you’re moving, where you’re moving, how much stuff you’re moving. But when working with a moving company with time based rates, there are a few things you can do to make your move more budget-friendly. A little extra elbow grease on your end could mean the difference between the price of your move being under or over your budget. Follow these 6 tips for how to move quickly, and you could significantly lower your moving costs.


How to Move Quickly


  1. Pack All Loose Items Before the Movers Arrive

    When putting together your game plan for how to move quickly, the biggest and easiest thing anyone can do is make sure you’re as packed as you can be before your movers arrive. Small, loose items or unpacked boxes add more time. Movers have to take more trips to and from the truck to move these items to back to the truck and secure them. Instead, pack smaller boxes into one bigger box. If that’s not possible, move these smaller items in your own vehicle.

  2. Disassemble and Assemble Your Furniture

    Designating this take to your movers can add a lot of time and money to your move. While this “hands-off” route is appealing, you can save a hefty amount of time by taking apart your own furniture. Average disassembly time for one piece of furniture is about 15 minutes. If you have four large pieces, you could save up to a full hour’s worth of time on your move. And you can save even more by packing those disassembled furniture pieces beforehand.

  3. Move All/Most of Your Belongings into One Room

    While it may not seem like it would save too much time, moving your belongings close to the front door could save you half or even full hours on your move time.  Seconds of moving add up to minutes and minutes to hours. Taking the time to move as much of your belongings as you can to the entrance/exit of your home could save you more time and money than you think.

    Even if you can’t move every box up or down the flight of stairs or only have time to manage moving a few things, just do what you can. Every piece moved closer to where the moving truck will be will save you time and money. How much is up to you.

  4. Wrap Your Own Furniture

    If you’re not experienced with wrapping furniture for a move, or have antique or special furniture you’re particularly concerned about, this might be something you want to leave to the professionals. But if you only have a couple of pieces of furniture and want to save as much time as you possibly can, this might be worth a try.

    You can purchase movers wrap from any hardware store, like Home Depot or Lowes, and you can rent movers blankets from U-Haul or borrow them from a friend.

    If you give furniture wrapping a try, check out our furniture wrapping tutorials for instruction:

    Tall Dressers and Armoires
    Small Dressers and Buffets

    And if you move with Moving U & Junk U, wrapping furniture yourself will not only save on moving time, but will also cut down or completely eliminate your supply fee as well.

  5. Label Your Boxes and Furniture

    Knowing where everything needs to go ahead of time is crucial for a quick move. If you accurately and clearly label your boxes and furniture, your movers will place every box and piece of furniture where it needs to go the first time. They won’t be wasting your time–and money–moving furniture around once everything is inside. If everything gets to the right place on the first try, you can send your movers on their way and not have to break your back rearranging everything later.

  6. Tell Your Moving Company Every Detail of Your Move

    If you only take one piece of advice you should take while figuring out how to move quickly, it’s this: tell your moving company anything they could possibly need to know about your move. If your moving date changes, if you have an elevator time slot reserved, if you have a particularly heavy piece, whatever it is, let your moving company know. The more they know, the more prepared they can be for your move. If you leave information out, the price of your move could total up to being way outside of your budget.

    And if you have any questions about your move, ask away. While your moving experience is limited to a maximum of probably once per year, moving companies complete multiple moves a day. They’re used to it and know the ins and outs. No question is a stupid question. Your movers want you both to be as informed and prepared for your moving day as possible.

Moving U & Junk U has one goal: to help your move go as smoothly as possible. We’re here to develop solutions for unique moves and to work with you on price. We make our moves customizable with our clients in mind; you can tailor your move to work for your budget.

You have the elevator reserved for a specific time. = We’ll leave plenty of buffer to arrive and start wrapping the furniture before the reserved elevator time.

Your moving date has changed. = We’ll work with you to find a new date that suits your needs.

You have a heavier piece you’re concerned about. = We’ll make sure we send enough laborers to carry the piece.

We think we’re the movers for you. To get your quote, call or text us at 484-301-2442 or email us at

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