Treadmill Removal: 5 Easy Options

You made your new years resolution. You bought the treadmill, set it up, and got it ready to use. Now it’s 20 years later. You didn’t keep your resolution. But you’ve renewed it now, only to find your treadmill doesn’t work, needs upgrading, or just don’t look safe to run on. What do you do with it now? Most municipalities won’t haul away old treadmills. You could just leave it where it is until you move and have to deal with it, but you need the space for the new treadmill right now. How do you get rid of this bulky, difficult to move piece of equipment? Thankfully, you have 5 options to choose from for treadmill removal.

  1. Manufacturer Take Back

    If you’re purchasing a new treadmill, the company you’re purchasing it from may offer a removal service. They’ll take away the old one when they drop off the new one. Though it’s not offered by all companies, it’s worth asking. You could have your treadmill removed for free or a nominal fee.

  2. Donate It

    If your treadmill still works, consider donating it to a local charity or community or senior center. Contact Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity. There’s a chance they might not have the room for it at the moment, but if they do, they’ll gladly find a good home for it. They might be able to pick it up from your location as well, though this means you could potentially have to hold on to it for a couple of weeks (or months) to fit into their pick up schedule.

  3. Sell It

    This treadmill removal option takes a little more effort than the rest, but you could end up with a little extra cash for your efforts. Try listing it on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Craiglist. Specify buyer must arrange for pick up. Or, if you have a capable vehicle, include delivery for an extra fee.

  4. List It for Free

    With treadmill removal, sometimes the best luck comes with listing it for free. You can list items for free on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. You can also try dragging it to the end of your driveway and taping a piece of paper to it with the word “FREE”. If your street is busy enough, it will probably disappear within a matter of hours.

  5. Hire a Local Junk Removal Company

    Once you’ve compared and contrasted, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that hiring someone to haul it away for you is the easiest and quickest solution. For hands off treadmill removal service, call a local junk removal company, like Moving U & Junk U. You won’t need to do any kind of heavy lifting. Show us the treadmill, and we’ll remove and responsibly recycle it for you.

3 Steps For Quick & Easy Treadmill Removal:

  • Get Your Price

    Our all inclusive pricing is volume based. We’ll give you an estimate for your treadmill removal ahead of time so you know what to expect on the day of your pick up.

  • Schedule Your Treadmill Removal

    We know you probably want this treadmill removed as soon as possible, so we’ll always try to accommodate with same or next day service. But even if you’re planning removal for a month from now, give us a call, text, or email. We’ll schedule your treadmill removal so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Say Goodbye To Your Old Treadmill

    Our friendly Junk Removal crew will give you a call half an hour before your arrival window to let you know what time you should expect them. They’re also trained movers, so they can safely remove the treadmill from your home. Wherever it is–basement, living room, loft–we’ll remove it from there. You won’t have to lift a finger (except maybe to show us where the treadmill is located.)

Bonus Step:

While we’re there, if you have anything else you need removed like a mattress, TV, old paint, old appliance, or piano, we can haul that away with the treadmill as well.


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