What is the Best Season to Move In?

Moving is stressful and hectic; there’s really no way around it. All you can do is make informed decisions that will make your move less stressful. One detail that may seem outside your control is when you move. There are all sorts of times to figure out, like what time of day, week, and month. But what time of year should you move? What season? Thankfully, you only have four options to choose from. Here are the pros and cons of why you should or shouldn’t move during each season, to narrow down which one is right for you.


  • Nice Weather
    Moving can be a more enjoyable experience in the spring as the weather has improved from the harsh winter to light jacket temperatures. You and your movers will have more difficulty breaking a sweat if you moving during the spring.
  • Easier Scheduling
    Moving companies have better scheduling flexibility in March and April. It’s not quite as flexible as in the winter, but it’s better than summer, where you have to schedule your end of the month move at the beginning of the month to be guaranteed your preferred moving date. (And even then, sometimes you’ll want to book a month and half in advance just to be safe.)


  • School Exams and Graduations
    If your children are in school, this isn’t a great time to move. School is wrapping up with exams, end of the year activities, and graduations.  If they’re staying in the same school, or have an option to complete their exams early, this may be in the pro column for you, as others with kids are less inclined to move until later in the spring.
  • Possible Difficulty Scheduling
    Moving at the the end of May could prove difficult to schedule, as this is the start of peak moving season. If you need to move then, you’ll want to schedule your end of May move at the beginning of the month at the latest.



  • Schools are Out for Summer
    Moving during the summer is ideal for families with children still in school. They’ll have flexible schedules over summer vacation and can easily switch schools in the fall.
  • More Daylight Hours
    The days are longer in summer, with daylight hours ranging from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  You’ll have more time to finish moving into your home later in the day before the sun sets.
  • Possible Great Weather
    If you move earlier in the summer–early June through early July–you might end up with some really nice moving weather. It’ll be a bit hot, but not quite so much as August. And if it does end up raining, the summer storms usually move through pretty quickly. You’ll just have to take a break and then get back to it.


  • Scheduling Difficulty
    Summer is usually when most people move. Kids are out of school. College students have graduated or are between semesters. The housing market is usually thriving. Roughly 50% of all moves in 2018 took place in May-August. The longer you wait to schedule you move, the more likely your preferred date will be booked up.
  • Prices are Higher
    Pricing will be a bit higher, as it is peak season in the moving industry. Most moving services are in high demand at this time, so you might have to pay a premium to move when you need. If you have some flexibility and can move on weekdays versus weekends, this might not be too much a problem for you.
  • Possible Stifling Weather
    If you schedule your move for later in the summer–mid July to late August–depending on where you live, there’s a good chance you could end up with some pretty nasty moving weather. Temperatures soar during this time, and you’ll need to take breaks and drink plenty of water.



  • Cooler But Still Warm Temperatures
    The weather tends to be much milder and much more “moving appropriate” rather than the oppressive heat of summer and bitter cold of winter. You’ll move in to your new home without breaking too much of a sweat.
  • Not the Holiday Season
    The holiday season can be a pretty undesirable time to move. Even if you’re not hosting any events this year, you’re usually invited to a handful of parties and would end up with less time to move and unpack. If you move during the fall, you’ll be moved in to your new home and settled in before the holidays.


  • School Starting Up
    If you have school-aged children, this is probably the worst time to move, unless they’re staying in the same school after the move. You want to avoid disrupting their school year, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. If you have to move during the school year, autumn is probably the best time, as they’ll spend the least amount of time playing catch up.



  • Better Prices
    This is the moving industry off season, and moving can be considerably lower in the winter versus the summer. There’s less incentive to move as kids are in school, the holiday season is coming up, and most people probably don’t have extra days to take off from work to move. You’re likely to find a great deal as most moving companies offer specials or lower their rates December through February.
  • Scheduling Flexibility
    Moving companies schedules are much more flexible. You’re more likely to schedule your preferred moving date, possibly even up to the day before. (It’s not a wise idea to wait till the last minute. But if you have circumstances out of your control preventing you from scheduling your move until the last minute, the winter is the perfect time for your move.)


  • Potential Hazardous Weather
    The obvious con is the weather. Snow, ice, sleet: all these are a recipe for terrible driving conditions and a not so great move. If you’re flexible on your moving date, moving in the winter will still work out well for you. A responsible moving company will have no problem rescheduling your move to a day that is considerably safer for you, your movers, and your belongings. It might be an inconvenience, but it will help you avoid a potential disaster.
  • The Holidays
    The holiday season is coming up. If you have a smaller move, this might not be such a con for you. But if you have a large family, enjoy decorating for the holiday and taking part of all the activities that come with it, this may not be the best time of year for you to move.


When it comes down to it, the best season to move is the season you need to move. Though one season can be more affordable than the other, sometimes it just comes down to someone bought your house and you have to move now. If you can take the time to choose the best season for you to move, you can end up with a much better move than you anticipated/thought you would. If you can’t choose, you can still be prepared for any possible altercation because of the season. Do your research, make preparations, and your move will go as smoothly as it can.

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