Hot Tub Removal: 4 Easy Options

Relaxing in a hot tub can be a good way to unwind from work, chill with friends, or just soak those sore muscles. But what do you do when you want to upgrade to a newer hot tub? Or you purchase a house that comes with a hot tub you know you’ll never use? Hot tub removal can pose a challenge to homeowners as most townships don’t offer hot tub removal pick ups. But luckily, you have a few options ranging from DIY to handing it over to someone else entirely.

  1. Trade It In

    If you’re upgrading to a newer hot tub, find out if the manufacturer has a trade in program. Often, they’ll take back the old hot tub to refurbish and re-sell. Or they’ll strip it of all the parts and re-sell the working parts as used. Bonus for you (on top getting your old tub hauled away for little to no cost!): They may give you credit towards purchasing your newer hot tub.

  2. Sell It

    If your hot tub removal is not time sensitive and it still works, try listing it for sale. It might take a while for the right person to find your listing, but if you’re in no rush, you can easily make a few extra bucks this way. Try listing it on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Offer Up. And let your friends know; they might take it off your hands or know someone who would. You can even list the hot tub noting the buyer must pick it up–no unnecessary hauling and driving around for you! Or if you have access to a vehicle that can move the hot tub, you can charge a delivery fee.

  3. Break-Down and Recycle It Yourself

    This hot tub removal option is not for everyone. But if you have time, ability, some tools, and a little know how, you can break down the hot tub yourself.

    Before you start, research how to safely break it down. Disconnect and drain the hot tub completely and remove all lighting fixtures and jets before you start cutting into it. Once you cut the pieces down to a manageable size, you can recycle the parts yourself.

  4. Hire a Removal Company for Quick and Easy Hot Tub Removal

    The easiest, most time efficient option without you expending unnecessary energy: hire a junk removal company, like Moving U & Junk U. We are licensed and insured, and we’ll haul away your hot tub in no time.

3 Steps for Quick and Easy Hot Tub Removal:

    • Get Your Price

      Our all inclusive pricing covers truck and travel fees, disposal of the hot tub, and labor to remove it. Our pricing is volume based–just tell us the rough dimensions and number of seats in the hot tub. We’ll give you the price of your hot tub removal ahead of time so you know what to expect on the day of your pick up.

    • Schedule Your Removal

      We know you probably want your hot tub removed as soon as possible, so we’ll always try to accommodate with same or next day service. But even if you’re planning removal for a month from now, give us a call, text, or email. We’ll schedule your hot tub removal so you don’t have to worry about it.

    • Say Goodbye to Your Old Hot Tub

      We’ll send out our trained Junk Removal crew to safely and quickly remove your hot tub. You won’t have to lift a finger (except maybe to show us where the hot tub is located.) If it cannot be easily lifted, we’ll even take it apart for you.

Bonus Step:

While we’re there, if you have anything else you need removed like a mattress, old appliance, piano, or TV, we can haul that away with the hot tub as well.

Give us a call or text at 484-301-2442 or email us at to schedule your quick and easy hot tub removal.

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