How To Tip Moving Help In 2020

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It took a lot of hard work but you managed to hire a moving company, pack your things, and head off to your new location. You may be wondering if you should tip your movers and if so, how much? Every year, approximately 35.5 million people move throughout the United States. When moving services do a great job with all this hard work, many people want to find a way to reward them but don’t know how to go about it. Here’s how to tip moving help in 2020:

How Much To Tip

While tipping is not expected or required, it’s still a nice thing to do when the professional moving company puts in extra effort and care to get the job done for you. There isn’t a standard set amount for the industry like the 15% tip you see for restaurant servers. Consider the difficulty of the move when deciding how much to tip. Many people generally tip approximately $5 per hour per mover.

At the end of the job, give each worker a tip personally instead of handing a lump sum to the foreman. You may not know if the foreman will keep the whole tip to himself. Make sure each worker gets recognized for their efforts.

When To Tip

If the moving help did a good job delivering all your items safe and sound to your new home, you should give them a tip for their service. You may also want to give an extra tip for handling fragile items with care, lugging heavy furniture upstairs, or helping with setup. If they are extra friendly or move you faster than you expected to your new home, you will probably want to reward them for their excellent service.

When Not To Tip

If you have a terrible experience with a local mover, you don’t have to feel bad about withholding a tip. Good reasons for not providing a tip include movers showing up late, dinging your walls, putting clearly labeled boxes in the wrong place, or slacking off. However, give the moving service a chance to apologize and make things right before deciding not to tip.

Non-Monetary Rewards

There are other ways to reward movers that don’t involve money. You can offer them beverages, snacks, cookies, gift cards, or even offer to buy them a meal. It’s also a good idea to leave them a positive online review to show them how much you appreciate their service.

Deciding how and when to reward moving help is ultimately up to you. It isn’t mandatory but it is a nice gesture of goodwill. If you tip your stylist for a great haircut, why not tip your movers? If you can’t afford a tip, a simple “Thank You” will do. Your movers will appreciate it.

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