8 Tips On Preparing For Local Movers

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You’ve found your new home and decided to hire a moving company to help you relocate. That in itself was a lot of work, but the job isn’t over yet. You still have to get ready for the big day when you will actually move. Making sure you are ready for the moving company when that day arrives will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Here are eight tips on how to prepare ahead of time for local movers:

Make An Inventory List

With the average home containing over 300,000 items, you will definitely want to make an itemized list of everything you own. Be sure to write down the amounts of each type, current condition, serial numbers, and the estimated value of each item you have and take photos of any expensive items. You will then know if any items were lost or damaged and have documented evidence to prove it.

Designate Items You Will Pack Yourself

You will need to plan to pack a box or two of personal items to carry with you during the move. These items include things such as a change of clothes, toiletries, medications, and phone chargers. Precious heirlooms, expensive jewelry, and important documents should only be packed by you and kept with you during the move.

Designate a special room in your old home for any items you will pack yourself and transport. Make it absolutely clear to the movers that they are not to enter this room for any reason. Label the boxes placed in each room.

Get Packed

If you decided not to hire a full-service move, that means you’ll need to get everything packed up and ready to go ahead of time. Get all your boxes and packing supplies first. You are going to need many corrugated boxes of different sizes as well as dividers, bubble wrap, and tape. Make sure you properly label each box according to which room it belongs in. Using color-coded labels will help with being able to know which box goes where in your new home.

Clean and Unplug Appliances

Empty and clean out your refrigerator and leave it open in order to defrost for at least 24 hours prior to moving. Unplug all appliances and electronics and wrap up loose cords. Disconnect your washer and dryer and make sure all these items are thoroughly clean and dry before the mover arrives.

Protect Your House

Have a plan in place in case bad weather occurs on moving day. Protect both your old and new home from mud and water damage by placing tarps and blankets on doorsteps, entryways, and hallways. You can protect door frames by using foam padding. Use salt on steps during icy conditions to help prevent the local movers from slipping and falling.

Measure Furniture

Making sure that large furniture items can easily fit through the doorways of your old and new home will prevent damage from occurring and make moving easier. Measure them ahead of time to ensure you will have no problems. If you have extremely heavy items, notify the local movers ahead of time so they can bring the right equipment.

Plan For Child Care

The hustle and bustle of moving with children around isn’t a good mix. Having someone care for your child during this time will help you and the movers focus better on the task at hand. Plus, it can help make the moving experience less stressful and allow him or her to keep a regular schedule of nap time and meals.

Protect Your Pets

Protecting your pets on moving day is absolutely essential. The moving company will need to keep the front door wide open while moving items. This makes it extremely easy for your pet to make an escape and get lost or hurt. You can choose to keep them contained in a crate, confined to one room, or have someone put in charge of keeping them.

Preparing for the arrival of local movers is absolutely critical to making your move as stress-free and painless as possible. By following these eight tips, you’ll be completely ready for when the big day arrives. Then you can focus on settling into your new home knowing everything is safe and ready for the new life ahead.

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