Moving Services and Six Ways to Remove Your Junk

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There’s a mode of thought that considers moving to be a brand new beginning. Moving can be associated with the start of a new chapter in life. As it turns out, in 2018, 13.11% of all moves took place in the month of June, which is traditionally a month of graduations and weddings… and all sorts of wonderful new beginnings. However, when it comes time to get packing, it may turn out that some moving service is needed. Moving services are available to assist with junk removal. But here are some other ways that you can take care of that problem of unwanted items by yourself.

Six Ways to Remove Your Junk

  1. Donate: There are many organizations that would welcome donations of used clothing, shoes, dishware, and small household items that you might not want to use anymore. Many times, these donations go to helping people who are in emergency situations such as hurricanes or other natural disasters, and sometimes they help individuals with relocation or other situations. Sometimes, these donations are tax-deductible, which could be seen as an added incentive to donate. In any event, you will be helping someone out.
  2. Have a Yard Sale: There may be some items that you would rather see go to neighbors, friends, and even some pleasant strangers who happen to stop by. If that’s the case, then you should have a yard sale! Items you are using can be transported by the moving services, and other things will go to folks that you have met in person. That way, you will still be “connected”…and you may make a little extra cash, also!
  3. Resale Shop: If you have ever visited a resale shop, then you know very well that it is a source of surprises and treasures. Sometimes, items are brand new and are sold for very low prices. Sometimes, items are antiques and they are purchased by those who know very well their true value. So, if there is no way that you can fit the enormous dining room set that your aunt gave you into your new home, it will be safe in a resale shop. There, it may just find the perfect new home, too!
  4. Sell Online: It’s been said that there is a collector for everything in the world. So, you think that you have outgrown your set of porcelain thimbles because you don’t have any more time to sew? Putting them up for sale online might be the ideal answer. It seems that there’s always a buyer for anything and everything!
  5. Give Away: Maybe you have a collection of mystery books that you don’t need anymore but you do not want to dispose of. You have not been able to find a second-hand shop to take them. Perhaps you could give them to a local school, or a library. Or perhaps you could contact a local book club and see if they would be interested. There may be many items like this example, of items that you have but you do not want to take with you to your new home. But you could possibly give them away to an individual or group who would absolutely love to have them.
  6. Recycle: And if there are items that you do not want to sell, or give away, perhaps it is time to consider doing something good for the environment by recycling them. This way, you will be able to give them a second chance at life!

After considering all these options, it may turn out that you are able to dispose of a lot of your unwanted items. Some items, however, might be too large or awkward for you to handle yourself. Items such as these would be better off left to moving services. A moving company will be able to handle removing items safely and efficiently. Moving services are used to doing it!

The prospect of moving brings with it the opportunity to declutter! Then, when the moving services are finished and you get all set up in your new home, it really will be a brand new start!

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