5 Reasons to Schedule Your Move For Fall

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Each year, up to 35.5 million Americans move to new homes. But if you’re planning to pack up and move to a new property, there may be certain seasons that are suited better for moves than others. Autumn is right around the corner — and it happens to be one of the best times to schedule a move. Wondering why? You’ll find five reasons below.

  1. Greater Flexibility: Spring and summer tend to be the seasons wherein most Americans require moving help. But with so many people trying to schedule moving services during the warmer months, families will have few options to choose from due to all the competition. If you have limited availability or wait too long, this can create problems when trying to schedule your move. When you move during the fall season, however, you’ll have less competition to worry about. That means you’ll likely have a better selection of dates and times to choose from, which can be immensely helpful when trying to juggle everyone’s schedule during back-to-school season. You’ll have a greater chance of securing the moving day you want (and with your pick of local movers), allowing you to have a less stressful moving experience overall.
  2. Lowered Costs: Because your move will actually take place after the busy season has ended, you may benefit from lower moving costs. Although superior moving help won’t come for free, the reality is that many moving companies will be able to give you a better price on their services. Because they’ll have fewer moved scheduled, they won’t have to increase prices to meet demand. In addition, fuel costs are typically lower in fall than they are in the summer. When gas prices drop, you may be able to cut transportation costs related to your move. Whether you hire movers or are going the DIY route, you may find that fall brings better prices.
  3. Mild Weather: Some people love the heat of summer, but this season doesn’t bring the most pleasant conditions for moving. If you try to move during July or August, prepare to prevent heat stroke and dehydration. Rather than trying to lug around boxes in 90-degree weather, why not put off your move until the temperatures have dropped a bit? Weather in the early fall tends to be mild or even crisp, making for an easier moving day. While some seasonal rain could be a possibility, at least you won’t have to deal with humidity or stinging insects! Late September or early October may be an ideal time to schedule your moving help.
  4. Summer Enjoyment: Many families want to enjoy their summer (and all the activities that go along with it) before getting everything organized for a move. If you stay put in summer, your children can enjoy spending time with their friends, attend day camps, or partake in fun programs without interruption. Since the fall season tends to be associated with change and new beginnings, it makes sense that you’d move house during this time of year. Since kids will be getting ready to head back to school, moving in the very early fall can offer minimal disruption and an opportunity to begin the year with a clean slate rather than spending a summer feeling like an outsider.
  5. Holiday Preparation: An overlooked benefit of moving in the fall is having the chance to get everything settled in advance of the major fall and winter holidays. Whether you love to host the entire family or want to plan a seasonal housewarming, moving in the fall will ensure you can have everything ready by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. The upcoming holidays will also provide you with a bit of motivation to unpack and make certain everything feels perfectly welcoming by the time your guests arrive.

Need moving help this fall? We’ve got your back. For more information on our moving services and availability, please contact us today.

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