4 Tips to Make Your Cross-Country Move Easier


Picture this: after months of searching, you’ve landed your dream job in a new city. The only problem? Now you have to go through the process of packing up your life and hightailing it across the country on a limited timeline. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone: in 2018, 18% of people who moved within the United States did so for work reasons. But being on a limited timeline doesn’t have to be stressful. Today, we’ll be talking about some helpful tips to maximize your space and time and help you get where you need to go.

Trust the Professionals

If your company is funding your move, or if your budget allows for it, hiring movers to help you get where you need to go is a great way to make sure that you’re able to cut down on some of the stress that comes with a move. Depending on your budget, movers can help you with every step of the process from packing to hauling to unpacking at your final destination. This is especially important if you’re hauling fragile or specialty items such as art, heirlooms or pianos, so make sure to discuss it with your moving company if your move will include any of these items.

Be Strategic, If Possible

Anyone who’s ever lived in a college town is familiar with the cyclical nature of moving companies throughout the school year, and knowing how to avoid peak times can help you save big. For example: the greatest demands for moves are on the weekend, at the end of the month, and the beginning and end of the summer. If you have any flexibility on when you need to move, you can save a considerable amount of money by moving mid-week or mid-month. This is doubly true if you’re moving during the off-season, when movers have finished caring for college students and young professionals. Not only that, but moving in the off season also gives you a greater chance of being able to get exactly the truck you need, rather than settling for what’s left over on the lot.

Decide Early What You’ll Do With Your Car

Depending on the location you’re moving to, you may have some tough decisions ahead of you about whether it’s worth it to bring your car along. While most moving companies have plans and services in place in order to help your car come along with you, you may find that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. If your new home is a city with robust public transit and heavy traffic, you might find it’s easier to sell your vehicle before you go. If you decide to do that, check the <ahref=”https: www.kbb.com=”” “=””>Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle in both locations. If there’s a large difference in one location over the other, it might be worth it to factor that decision into whether your car will make the move along with you.</ahref=”https:>

Plan Ahead

While this may seem obvious, it never hurts to restate: try to plan ahead for your move as much as possible. When it comes to cross-country moves, planning ahead can translate to fewer headaches and a significant amount of money saved. If you’re still in the process of searching for the job that will take you away from your current location, then it never hurts to have money set aside to get there, just in case.

Moving for a new job can be an exciting time full of new opportunities, but it also comes with its fair share of headaches as well. With a little research and the right movers, you can be on the road to your new home sooner.

Are you in the market for professional moving service to help you relocate for your job? Contact us today! One of our staff will be happy to discuss the options that are within your timeframe and budget.

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