Moving This Summer? 3 NEED To Know Tips!

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Moving is one of the most stressful times for a family. You are spending a lot of money, changing your life, and figuring out what items should travel with you and which need to be properly disposed of. The Summer months are by far the most common time of the year for people to move to a new house. In June, 2018, 13.11% of all moving service moves in the year were handled, with July and August not being too far behind. If you and your family are moving to a new home this summer, here are three need to know tips for moving your items!

Plan Ahead

When it is time to get moving, you are going to want to have a plan of attack. Are you going to need to hire a local moving company? Investing in the services for some moving help can make or break your moving experience. If doing it all yourself, do you have the proper materials for a move like this? Having the right sized boxes as well as the right number is going to be imperative to moving your items. If not hiring a moving service, do you have the truck storage for your furniture or will you need to rent a moving truck?

Planning what will be done with the garbage before the move is also important. Unwanted items that will be donated or given to family members or friends need to be sorted out beforehand and planned to be transported. Having a clear idea of what items you can focus on without extra distractions will make the moving experience more seamless and bearable.

Prepare Before The Moving Day

So you have all the equipment and moving services you are going to need for your big move. Now before moving day comes, you can start packing away belongings and slowly ticking off your checklist before the big day comes. It will most likely be a better idea to first take care of the items you use the least in case the ones you use more will be needed before you move. It would work out best for you if you did not have to go on a wild chase and tearing through boxes to find the specific items.
Another way to prepare before moving day is to make sure your items are prepared for the journey. Make sure pictures are wrapped in something to protect them like bubble wrap and maybe go out and buy some plastic sheets to cover your furniture to avoid ugly damage and protect them from dirt and moisture that could potentially cause molding.

Prepare Safely

The final tip we have for your big move this Summer is to prepare your belongings for safe transport, both for your health and the health of the item itself. These are your personal belongings being moved. If you are planning on keeping them, you will need to ensure their transport will bring them to your new home in the same shape they left the old one in. For your own health, do not over pack boxes. Packing lighter items in large boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes can help to keep weight consistent.
Not only do the moving services help you move your furniture, but they can help dispose of the furniture you no longer want. However, before they can do that, you need properly have things ready for them to move. If they are moving the washer or dryer, ensure everything is properly unplugged. Also, take apart any furniture that can be dismantled to save space and make packing easier. Screws or other equipment from the furniture can be kept in a bag or some other holding container.

Those are some of the best tips we have for you before you make your big move. Overall, being prepared is the most important thing to do, so be sure to plan ahead so you can prepare for the big day and ensure you and anyone else involved will be able to stay safe and healthy.

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