Spring Showers Disrupting Your Move? Here’s Some Tips

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In 2018, statistics showed that there were a lot of moves completed throughout the month of June. In fact, it was the busiest month for companies that offer moving services, with over 13% of moves taking place. June often represents a warm and sunny time of year, but it is also known for heavy rainfall, as plants receive the nourishment they need to get through the warm summer months.

So, picture this scenario: Moving day is finally here, and you are all packed up and ready to get things started. You are feeling good and motivated until some rain clouds start to appear. Before you know it, you are in the midst of a downpour and the forecast doesn’t look good for the rest of the day either.

Well, never fear because we have some tips to get you through this day with as little damage as possible. And to ensure you get the care, help, and personalized attention necessary for making this day a total success, invest in moving services with the team here at Moving U and Junk U today.

Utilize Garbage Bags and Plastic Sacks

If you are facing rain, and you do not have a lot of time to get your items from A to B, then garbage bags or plastic sacks can serve you well in a pinch. Urge your movers to start utilizing these things for a quick and easy way to cover up your belongings.

Have important documents, journals, books, or paper items that are near and dear to your heart? Wrap them in a garbage bag before putting them into a box or container, so you can stress less about them getting ruined. With over 300,000 items in most American homes, this is a great way to get the protection you deserve.

Garbage bags work well for clothes that are hanging up, too. Just make a hole at the bottom, slide your hangers through it, and you’ve got yourself an efficient cover for multiple clothing items at once.

Have Shrink Wrap or Plastic Covers?

Both shrink wrap and plastic covers can work wonders when it comes to keeping your furniture free of water damage. You can also use it to cover up your boxes, so that your possessions don’t end up sitting in a puddle of water throughout your travels.

Wait for a Break in the Rain

If you have hired moving services, then you may be on too tight of a schedule to utilize this tip, but if you have the opportunity to wait out some of the rainfall, this might be your best bet. With a little luck and some good timing on your part, you can avoid damage, stay on schedule, and get your belongings safely into your new space.

Keep You and Your Crew Safer

It is a simple fact that water on the floor leads to painful falls, and the last thing you need on moving day is a trip to the hospital. Avoid injuries by putting down cardboard, blankets, old towels, or anything else that could offer a little traction as people go in and out of your home.

It is also a good idea to move your items as close to the door as possible, then have a designated group haul them to the moving truck. This way, you avoid tracking water through your home and minimize the risk of falls, significantly.

At Your New Home? Start Unpacking

After a long day of moving, you probably aren’t eager to start unpacking your stuff, but if you are concerned about water damage, then this will be your best bet in the long run. Ensure your items made it without harm, then toss any wet cardboard, so you don’t have to deal with any mold or mildew in your new space.

Need moving help or junk removal services? When it comes to moving services in the Greater Philadelphia area, there is no better crew than ours to rely on. Call today, and we can set something up.

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